Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cade Ryan

Wow!  Where has the past month gone?  My little Cade Ryan is 1 month old today.  I thought before I forget all the details I better document Cade's birth story.

This little man decided to enter the world 9 days after his due date.  I think he would have stayed a lot longer had I not been induced.

I had an ultrasound and doctor appointment the Friday before his birth to check to make sure he had enough amniotic fluid.  We found out that Cade had way more fluid than he was supposed to, but the doctor wasn't concerned at all.  My doctor and I talked about being induced if I didn't go into labor over the weekend.  I was still sitting at 2 cm and 50% effaced.  My doctor wanted me to come in on Wednesday, October 3, but I was really hoping for Monday.  So she called down to the birthing center to see what worked for them.  They ended up being booked for Tuesday and Wednesday so the birthing center set up a time for me to come in on Monday morning at 5:30 am.

The weekend came and went with no baby.  So Sunday night we dropped off Garrison and Josiah with some people from our church and heading home to prepare to wake up at 4 am to get ready for our newest addition.

Monday morning Thomas and I left at 5 am.  It was such a weird feeling to be heading to the hospital knowing we were going to have a baby, but not being in labor.  I felt guilty that I was sort of choosing when my baby was going to be born.  I felt like I should have waited and let him come on his own.  Ultimately, I knew that God was in control even with an induction.

We got up to the birthing center and got all settled in to our nice big luxury suite with a private bathroom.  THANK YOU!  After asking me a million questions I was finally hooked up to all the machines.  I needed to have some fluid into my system before they could start the pitocin.

I was actually really scared to get the pitocin.  Many people had told me not to be induced and my mom (who had visited the weekend before I went in to have Cade) told me about her experience with pitocin.  She said it was extremely painful as soon as it started and the contractions were one on top the other with no breaks in between.  I did not want that experience at all.

At about 6:30 am they started the pitocin and I felt no contractions for the first 2 1/2 hours.  My nurse was wonderful.   She told me how they start the pitocin out light and gradually up the dosage as my body needed.  She came into my room and adjusted the dosage 4 times before I started to feeling anything.  I also needed to lay on my left side the whole time because Cade was not reacting good to any other position.  My nurse tried having me lay on my back and right side, but each time I did Cade would stop progressing.

At 9 o'clock my doctor came in and broke my water.  I was really hoping (as well as Thomas and my nurse) that I would get an epidural before they broke my water, but my doctor wanted to get things rolling.  I was 4 cm when she broke my water.

Then my contractions really started picking up, but the nice thing was I was able to stay ahead of them and concentrate when the contraction came.  I just held Thomas' hand and focused.

At 10:45 the epidural man came in with the wonderful drug.  As he was giving me the instructions on what he was going to do he says, "You know they tell me you're in labor, but I can't tell with how wonderful you're doing."  It's so nice to hear that you're doing good from people who see this everyday.  I had quite a few contractions during the procedure of getting the epidural and since you can't move at all all I could do was squeeze my fingers.  Thomas said he looked down at me (he was standing in front of me holding my shoulders because I had to lean so far forward they didn't want me falling over) and noticed that my fingers were white from squeezing them so hard.

At 11:45 the resident came in and checked me.  I was at a 7.  At 12:10 my doctor came in and checked me and said, "you're ready."  My nurse got everything ready and then told me to push a few times as he was still a little high up.  I pushed once and then started to push again when she told me to stop because he was out a little.

My doctor, the resident and all the nurses came in and with one push, a huge breath and another push Cade Ryan was born at 12:36 pm weighing in at 8 lbs. 15.6 oz and 21.2 inches long.  My doctor was really glad that she was finally able to deliver one of our babies.  She wasn't on call when Garrison was born.  With Josiah she missed his birth by 20 minutes as she was at a different clinic and was trying to come as fast as she could.  My doctor actually had a family photo session to go to at 1, but stuck around to deliver Cade.

While the doctor was cleaning up Cade she mentioned how heavy he felt and she guessed he was 9 lbs.  When he finally got on the scale and was only .4 oz away from 9 lbs. she said we should tell everyone he was 9 lbs because he was so close anyway.  :)  

Garrison and Josiah LOVE their little brother.   Garrison is always hugging and kissing him and telling us how much he loves Cade.  We are so blessed to have 3 little boys.  I told Thomas the other day that I could totally have another one... maybe it'll be a girl.  That would end our family nicely.  But for now we are LOVING Cade and our wonderful family of 5.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

baby update

I had another doctors appointment yesterday.  I thought I was going to be talking about scheduling an induction, but instead the doctor told me that if this little guy isn't born by next Friday, the 28th, I'll be coming in to have an ultrasound to make sure there is enough fluid around him.  We had to do this with Garrison.  Garrison was born 6 days late so they did an ultrasound to make sure he had enough fluid.  Which he did and I remember the nurse even commenting on him being so ready to be born she could see flakes from his skin floating around in the fluid.

I'm really hoping to have this little guy before the 28th.  If, however, I am still pregnant and everything with the ultrasound looks good we'll be scheduling an induction for the following week.  By that point, I would almost be 42 weeks!!  If I am still pregnant in 2 weeks I'm going to be one crabby, emotional lady... just saying.

On a plus side I lost a pound.  I LOST A POUND!!  How does that happen?!  Everything looks good with my blood pressure and the babies heartbeat is still strong and in the 130's.  I'm dilated somewhere between a 1 and 2 and a little more effaced.  More progress!

Now I continue to wait.  My due date is on Saturday.  Only 2 days away.  I can't believe it's getting closer and closer.  I've been having lots of contractions in the morning, but within a few hours they go away.  I can't wait for the moment where they just keep getting stronger and closer together.

Come on little man...

Monday, September 17, 2012

yearly photos

You will never have this day with your children again.
 Tomorrow, they'll be a little older than they were today.
 This day is a gift.
 Breathe and notice, smell and touch them;
 study their faces and little feet and pay attention.
 Relish the charms of the present.
 Enjoy today, mama.
 It will be over  
 before you know it.
.                                                  -Jen Hatmaker

Sunday, September 16, 2012

another baby update

A picture of me last week at 38 weeks

Only 6 more days!  Well, we'll see...

I had a doctors appointment on Friday and I have not progressed anymore.  I'm still at 1 cm, 50% efface and the baby is still a little high.  So disappointing!

Yesterday, I went to our huge neighborhood garage sale and walked for 3 hours!  I could barely move by the time I got home, but I'm hoping it helped.

I have another appointment on Wednesday.  This time if I still have not progressed any we'll set up a date to be induced, but I'm praying that he comes before then.  I had a date to be induced when I was pregnant with Garrison and he decided to come the day before.  So we'll see.

Other than that I have not gained any weight since my last appointment a week ago and my blood pressure is still good and low.  Baby's heartbeat is also still strong.

Today, I've been nesting like crazy.  I can't seem to get this house clean enough.  The boys were even helping me this morning.  Garrison said he's very excited for the baby to come and he thinks he's going to like him.

Back to cleaning and waiting...

Friday, August 31, 2012

baby update

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks!  I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is progressing well.  I am dilated to a 1 and am 50% efface.  Yes!  I love progressing- more at home and less at the hospital.

I have not gained any weight since my check-up last week.  What?!  This has never happened to me before. Normally I gain like crazy at the end.  I am only 1 lb away from being my heaviest ever.  I think I might just pass that record... bummer.

Yesterday as my doctor was feeling around my belly to see where he was positioned she said, "Wow!  You are all baby and he is sprawled out."  He is head down with his body running along my left side, his butt is at the top of my belly and his feet are pressed on my right side.  Kind of like a "U" shape.  This is exactly how I thought he might be from the way he kicks.  It's really fun now watching him move around because I have a better idea of what body part might be sticking out.

It is extremely hard to sleep at night now.  I usually wake up and am up for at least an hour.  Besides that it's extremely painful to change sides while I sleep.  It's usually a huge process for me and I squeeze my pillows as hard as I can so I don't yell out and wake everyone up.  I'm really looking forward to that ending soon.

I pretty much have everything ready.  This past week I've been cleaning, packing, organizing, you name it in anticipation for his arrival.  His diaper bag is all ready, his room is ready, I have all his diapers out and nursing equipment all set up.  Thomas and I have even been busy cleaning carpets.  We've never done that in the 6 years we've had this house or before any of our other babies, but after having 2 little boys spill pretty much everything on it, 3 dogs living with us at some point and having a daycare I really wanted them clean.  It's such a good feeling to have clean carpets.

We have narrowed our names down to 2.  Thomas really likes one and I really like the other, of course.  I asked the boys the other day which name they liked and Garrison said one (the one I like) and Josiah said the other name (the one Thomas likes.)  Which is actually really funny because Garrison has more of my personality and Josiah has more of Thomas' personality.  We are continuing to pray about what name God has chosen for our little one.

In 3 weeks, give or take, we'll be a family of 5!!  I cannot believe it!  The boys are so excited.  The other morning Josiah came running up to me and said, "MOM!  Did you have the baby yet?"  Both boys love to hug my belly and curl up next to me on the couch.  They also enjoy trying to get the baby to kick them.  This poor little guy is in for a world of craziness.

Come on 3 weeks!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I feel like it's been years since I last blogged.  Life has been piling up on me and I'm now starting to dig my way out.  Since I have so much to update everyone on I thought I'd do quick little bits for you.

* pregnancy- I had my 36 week appointment today.  Baby's heart beat is strong and "perfect" (according to the doctor.  Love that!)  I think he's dropped because I can now breath so much better when I walk.  Today when I walked to my doctors office I didn't reach the desk huffing and puffing like I did even 2 weeks ago.  I will now officially start going every week until this little man enters this world.  Yeah!  I love weekly updates! I am dilated a finger tip.  It's not much, but it means there is progress.  Thomas has a friend whose wife is into making what Thomas and I like to call "potions."  (we say that term with the most love.)  She mixed up some essential oils for me that I'm to rub on my ankles and feet.  It's meant to help the blood flow and stimulate your uterus.  I can't start until I'm 37 weeks because people have been known to go into labor the next day after using it.  We'll see how it works.

- I had an ECHO (an ultrasound) done of my heart last week.  Everything is good and normal.  The doctor saw nothing wrong.  I have a fast heart beat right now, but he said that it's normal for how far along in the pregnancy I am.  So I guess all the dizziness, lightheadedness, difficult breathing, etc was caused by the heat and lack of fluids.  Oops!  I'm very thankful to be healthy and have not been having any of those symptoms lately.  I'm resting more (mainly because my body is making me) and drinking more fluids.  Which I'm sure is helping.

*this summer- I took the boys to see "The Lorax" at a local movie theater for only $2 per person.  It was a lot of fun.  They each got their own box of popcorn and little pop (for $2 each as well) I've never taken the boys by myself to the theater and I was a little nervous, but they did awesome!  I was so thankful.  The movie theater actually lost power about 3/4 the way through the movie.  The power outage only lasted about 5 minutes and the boys did great.  They stood for a little bit, but didn't get restless or anything.  They just asked questions about what happened.

- Thomas and I took the boys to see Thomas the train a few weeks ago.  We were able to take a train ride with Thomas (the train, not my husband.  Ha!  Ha!) pulling us.  We went to this event last year and the boys loved it.  I think they both enjoyed it more this year.

- This summer has been the summer for things in our house to break.  There was about a 2 week span that I thought if one more thing broke I was going to loose it.  Here's what we've had to fix this summer...
water heater
 vacuum cleaner
 suburban tires
 shower (twice)

- Thomas took on a second job for the summer.  He is teaching drivers ed.  He's actually coming to the end of it here next week.  I'm excited yet nervous.  It will be wonderful to have our dad and husband back.  Thomas has been working from about 9 am to 7:15 pm.  It's been hard for us as the boys go to bed at 7.  So we've kept them up until 9 for most of the summer so they could spend time with their dad.  I'm looking forward to having a "regular" routine again.

- Garrison and Thomas went to Valleyfair the other day with a our youth group and a few other youth groups  from our town.  Thomas wanted to have a day with Garrison before he starts school.  Garrison LOVED Valleyfair.  I think LOVED is even an understatement.  I guess Garrison rode most of the rides all by himself- even waiting in line alone.  Thomas said he really enjoyed watching Garrison have so much fun.  They had a great time together.  

- Josiah and I got to spend the entire day together when Thomas and Garrison went to Valleyfair.  Garrison and Josiah have never been away from each other for an entire day- EVER!  I know crazy!  Three years and they've always been together.  I had so much fun with Josiah.  I saw Josiah in a completely different light.  Normally I'm focused on both the boys and it's hard to give each one individual attention for a long period of time.  I learned lots of things about Josiah.  Like he wants things done his way or no way at all and if you don't do it exactly how he wants it he gets pretty mad.  No wonder the boys fight so much!  I feel bad for saying it, but I never picked up on that before.  I now understanding why Garrison gets so mad at Josiah and why they are always fighting.  I'm learning that if I want Josiah to do anything I need to get him to think it was his idea.

- The boys, my sister, her boyfriend and myself went to a family party on my moms side a few weekends ago.  It was nice to see all of my aunts and uncles.  My aunt and uncles have never met Josiah and I'm not even sure they've met Garrison.  My mom comes from a family of 11 kids and everyone, but one was there.  My uncle from Florida even flew in to surprise my grandma.  

- We've also been spending lots of time outside.  A few times we've ventured to a park and had a picnic, but for the most part we've stuck close to home.  This summer has been so incredibly hot that we bought a little pool and the boys have spent many afternoons splashing around.  It's nice for me as I need to sit a lot because it's too painful to do anything else.  So I sit next to the pool, feet in the water sometimes with a book and let the boys have fun.  

*what we're preparing for-  Garrison starts 4K in less than 2 weeks.  Today his teacher came to our house and played a board game with him and interacted a little with him.  She said she's amazed at how clear he can talk and how well he can follow directions.  She said he's definitely ready for school and will probably have no problem reading by the end of the year.  He loves to spell things.  He's always asking me how to spell different words so he can write them.  He knows how to spell his name and dad and mom without being told.  He can also spell Jo of Josiah, but then asks what letters come next.  I'm looking forward for him to start school, but of course I'm also very nervous.  It's hard to believe he's old enough for school.  Tear.  

- We (well me for sure) have been in baby mode lately.  I have a list of at least 26 things to do before he arrives.  I'm trying to get Thomas to help me, but he's not as enthusiastic about it as I am.  We have finally narrowed down 2 or 3 baby names that we like.  I'm a fan of one, but Thomas isn't as big of fan and vise versa.  I can't believe that he'll be here in 4 short weeks (or earlier :) or later...)  

- Josiah turns 3 on September 24- only 2 days after my due date.  I'm praying that I'll be home to celebrate with him.  He has decided that he wants a Spiderman theme.  I can't believe he's almost 3.  

- Thomas turns 32 on September 12.  

Our September is going to be extremely busy and I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My boys

Here are a few funny things I've been hearing from my boys lately...


In a Jamaican accent... "No problem man."  Yes, he loves Cool Runnings.

"Is that crazy or what?"


"Sometimes I crack myself up."

"Mom, your hair is sort of fuzzy."

"I'm cleaning up these stinking mirco machines."

Josiah: "Garrison, get in your (car) seat."
Garrison: "I'm getting in.  Chill out!"

Me:  "Ow ow ow."
Josiah: "What is it?"
Me: "It just hurts to walk right now."
Josiah: "Oh, you should do this..." (proceeds to get down and crawl)
Me: "Do you think that will help?"
Josiah: "I'll help." (comes running over and pushes underneath my belly to hold it up)
Josiah: "Can I see him?"
Me: "Nope he's inside my belly. Pretty soon he'll come out and we can see him."
Josiah: "How does he come out?"
Garrison: "He comes out your belly button. It's a door and he just opens it and pushes his way out."

Monday, July 30, 2012

32 weeks

I am 32 weeks!  Yeah, only 8 weeks left.

I had an appointment last week and everything with the baby looks good.  He's active, has a great heartbeat and is measuring right on track.  I, however, have been having some issues with dizziness, pressure on my chest, blood rushing to my hands, head and feet, heart racing and heartburn.  

The nurse practitioner had some concerns after hearing my symptoms and listening to my heart.  She picked up a heart murmur and wanted me to see a cardiologist.  

Today I headed in to my cardiology appointment and had a EKG done.  Everything looks good and the doctor saw no concerns whatsoever.  He said that all pregnant women have a heart murmur and everything sounded good when he listened to my heart.  Just to be on the save side I'm having an ultrasound done of my heart in two weeks just to make sure that my heart is "squeezing" (his words) like it's supposed to be.  He has no concerns that it's not.

I do have one continuous theme running throughout this pregnancy... my doctors keep telling me to leave the laundry, the dishes and the floors.  I should be resting more and taking naps.  If it only were that easy.  

I'm getting VERY excited now that I have only 8 weeks left.  I'm starting to make a list of everything that needs to be done before he arrives.  #1- find a name.  I don't know why I'm so antsy to find a name.  Thomas likes to look through the whole baby names book one letter at a time and write down all the names that jump out to him.  As of today, he's on letter K and has about 20 names written down.  My list is about 8 names.  Most of them Thomas doesn't really like.  Bummer.

I'm also starting to plan for Garrison's first day of 4K, which will start only a week or two before his baby brother arrives (that's going to be a whole new ball game for us.) and plan Josiah's 3rd birthday (which I'm really hoping to be home for).  September is going to be a crazy month for us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fourth of July weekend

For 3 days the boys and I took a little trip to see family while Thomas flew to Colorado for a wedding.  It was fun to get away and to not be by myself with the boys.  They definitely loved spending time with their cousins.

We saw everyone from both sides of the family.  I'm not sure when the last time that happened was.  The boys and I even received a bonus visit from my Grandma and Aunt.   

The only downfall from our trip (besides coming home to reality) was that our truck got a flat tire at some point.  Luckily, we made it home without any problems, but by the next night it was completely flat and bending the rim.

Garrison and Thomas in Uncle Nate and Aunt Kathy's pool

 Josiah not really sure if he wants to get in...

 ... didn't like it!

Storm Trooper Josiah.  
He loved wearing this helmet, but was afraid of it if someone else wore it.

Papa (my dad) giving piggy back rides to Adeline and Josiah.

Building sand castles while visiting my mom.

Pontoon time!  
They each got a chance to drive and blow the horn.
They were pretty excited!


My mom with Garrison and my Grandma.

Aren't they precious when they sleep?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

29 weeks

Weeks along: 29!

Baby:  Is doing good.  Measuring where he's supposed to be, has strong heartbeat, active as ever.  I'm actually a little nervous as to how active he is.  The other two boys were never this active.  I'm thinking this little guy is going to always be on the go.  I'm tired already thinking about it.  :)

Me:  I've gained 30 pounds.  I'm already looking forward to working it off... maybe not.  I've been experience light nose bleeds.  Nothing major- there's just always a little blood in my nose.  My back pain comes and goes.  I still have good days and bad.  I've been trying to surround myself at night with pillows and that seems to be helping some.  I keep telling myself to get out my brace, but I keep forgetting to put it on.  

Doctor appointment:  Had one today.  The doctor says everything is good and I will now start going every 2 weeks.  I can't believe I'm already to this point.  I also had the glucose test for gestational diabetes today and failed the test.  I've never failed this test before so I'll be going on Friday to take the 3 hour test.  I'm praying that I don't have gestational diabetes, but I know that God's hand is in this and everything will work out to his plan.

Food cravings:  Food.  I'm actually not craving anything.  I'm just enjoying food- especially fruit.

Extras:  This poor little guy still doesn't have a name.  We don't even have one in the lead.  We figure we still have some time so we're not stressing.  Josiah wasn't named until 2 weeks before his birth. 

Garrison and Josiah are talking more and more about their baby brother.  I'm pretty sure it helps that they can see my belly getting bigger and bigger.  They do ask often if they can lift up my shirt and see him.  If only it were that easy.   

This little guys room is ready.  All his clothes are washed and put away.  His car seat and crib are sitting and waiting for him.  I wanted to be a head of the game as I didn't know how I'd feel towards the end.  I'm also hoping to be potty training Josiah soon and didn't want to overwhelm myself.  Now we just wait until we get closer to having him before I head out and buy him diapers.  Then we'll really be ready.

I cannot wait to meet this little guy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I love picnic's and my boys are starting to share the same love.  They're normally spur-of-the-moment decisions that end with fun memories.  For our first picnic of the summer I decided to grab some McDonald's and head to a local park.  The boys could hardly eat they were so excited about the park.  They did manage to get some food in the bodies before they ran off.

Our second picnic happened today thanks to Garrison.  He suggested going outside to eat our lunch.   Great idea!  We had hot dogs, sandwiches, carrots with ranch dressing and juice.

We kept the dogs inside (so we could actually enjoy our picnic instead of spend our time fighting for it.)  Of course, the dogs hated that idea and barked or scratched at the door almost the entire time.  (We are out of sight, but they could still tell we were close by.)

After a few seconds of Aza, our chocolate lab, barking Garrison turned to the house and yelled, "Be quiet you fools!"  I almost chocked on my food.  I love the things that this kid says sometimes.

A little later I was trying to tell Josiah something, but he wasn't hearing or understanding me.  So after the third time of repeating myself I finally told him to never mind.  He responded to me by saying, "Oh, were you talking to yourself?"  He's only 2 1/2 years old.  Where does he come up with these things?!

I love the memories I'm making with these boys.  Garrison told me today that it was such a good idea to eat outside.  I hope they remember these moments like I remember moments of my childhood.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cleaning my microfiber chair

We bought a microfiber rocking chair right before Garrison was born.  Now five years later with two (soon to be three) little boys around you can only imagine how dirty our tan chair is.  I was actually embarrassed by this chair.

 I really wanted to clean it, but had no idea how to do that.  So one day while looking at Pinterest I came upon a solution to use rubbing alcohol.  I didn't have any rubbing alcohol on hand so I decided to try what I did have which was hydrogen peroxide.

 Here's what I did...  

I put the hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and sprayed the area that I wanted to clean.  With a clean, never used before white rough sponge I scrubbed the area.  I was a little paranoid that it wouldn't work so I scrubbed it quite often while it dried.  After it had completely dried I went back over it with a clean, white bristled brush and "fluffed" the area back up.  It was a little crunchy after it dried, but a little brushing and the fabric felt just like it did before I cleaned it.  It was so easy and I can't believe how well hydrogen peroxide can clean microfiber.

Here are the before and afters...




Monday, June 11, 2012

25 weeks

I am 25 weeks and 2 days.

I've gained 21 lbs thus far.  (With Garrison I had gained 21 lbs at this point and with Josiah I had gained 20 lbs.  So I'm right on track to gain my 55 to 60 lbs.  Wowser!  I just looked up how much I actually gained with both boys... Garrison I gained 58 lbs and Josiah I gained 56 lbs.  Here we go!)

I'm craving watermelon, cereal and salads, but, of course, I've been eating everything and can't seem to stop.

I had a doctors appointment last Thursday and the baby is doing good.  His heart beat is 150 bpm and everything is looking good.  My next appointment I'll be going in to test for diabetes.  Then I'll be going every 2 weeks.  Crazy!  I'm so excited to meet this little guy I'm practically busting at the seams.

He's been kicking a ton lately.  The other day Garrison was leaning against my tummy when his little brother began kicking.  Garrison gently elbowed my tummy back and said, "knock it off."

I've still been experiencing a lot of back pain, pressure and cramping.  Lately it's been more back pain then anything else.  By the end of the day it's hard for me to walk, but I'm loving being pregnant again.  A lady from our church has set up people to bring us meals once a week until the baby comes.  I'm a little overwhelmed by it all, but am trying to take it all with a "thank you" and a smile.  I feel like I'm still capable of making my family meals, but I also know that people want to help out.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dirt ball

I have a feeling that this summer I'll be giving the boys lots of baths and showers.  They usually end up looking like this when they're done having fun.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Puke is the new brown

This has got to be my most favorite quote of Garrison's life so far...

(He just discovered that I have two different colored eyes.)

"MOM, you have puke on one side and green on the other side."

It's 3:30 in the afternoon

This sometimes happens...

This rarely happens...

This NEVER happens...
To see Garrison sleeping on the couch while watching tv isn't that surprising.  I can't remember the last time Josiah has fallen asleep on the couch watching tv.  But I can guarantee that I've NEVER seen both of them like this.  It's 3:30 in the afternoon and they were watching The Duke's of Hazzard.  Poor things are so tired.  Guess that's what happens when you wake up at 6:20 am.  
Wonder what's on tv at this time that I can watch?....

* side note: As I typed this I looked over at my two sleeping sweethearts and I saw my wonderful husband sleeping on the chair next to them.  Guess he can't make it either after waking up at 6:20 am with them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Boys!  The other day Thomas and I were sitting back and watching our two little boys play with fizz.  We gave them the fizz with visions of them sitting nicely at the table while squirting the vinegar on to the baking soda in colorful little designs so nice and properly.  In the boys' defense they actually did that for awhile, but it soon became a fun game of dumping it in on the table and creating nice baking soda clumps.  

I commented to Thomas about how I now understood why my brother got into so much trouble growing up.    Boys just find things to do and get into that little girls never think of.  I understand that that's not always the case.  I only have sons and so I can't, from a parental view point, tell you that's our case, but growing up and still to this day my brother will think of things that us girls never will.

With that being said, the other day I pulled out our bean buckets.  We have two bean buckets that are filled with kidney beans and have measuring cups, spoons and scoops inside.  The boys love burying and searching for their matchbox cars in all the beans.  It's usually a fun 30 minute activity for them to do.

After I had pulled the bean buckets out I sat with them for awhile.  I wanted to monitor them until I felt like they were absorbed enough into the activity that I could run upstairs, grab a few laundry baskets that I had already filled with dirty clothes and bring them downstairs.  I gave the boys 1, yes I said ONE, rule before I left.  I wanted NO beans on the floor.  Maybe that was my first mistake.  I gave them a challenge.

I ran upstairs, grabbed all the laundry baskets and brought them downstairs.  As soon as I hit the main level floor I could hear giggling and beans going everywhere.  I ran into the dining room to see my oldest son throwing handfuls of beans at my younger son.  I was steamed!   It was one of those parenting moments where I immediately sat down on the couch and prayed for patience and wisdom.  

It took the boys 3 hours to pick up all the beans.  I couldn't take it anymore and helped them the last 30 minutes. 

These pictures do not do justice to how bad the beans actually were.  There were beans that covered the entire dining room floor, bathroom floor and living room floor.  Why?  Well because during the 3 hour clean up both boys got mad on 3 different occasions and completely dumped over the bucket of beans and proceeded to kick them around.

I think it's so cute that in the bottom two pictures they are smiling and looking so proud at what they did.  

Three weeks later, we are still finding beans around and the bean buckets have not been brought out.  I'm still traumatized.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PBS circus

We support PBS!  As a special "thank you" PBS puts on a little afternoon of fun for all their kids club members.

There was so much to do... pictures with PBS characters, blow up things for kids to jump in or crawl through, games, temp tattoos, face painting, crafts, story time, and souvenirs to buy.  Outside they had different vehicles you could tour: a school bus, fire truck, police car and a semi.  They even supplied you with a cheap little hot dog lunch.

It was a lot of fun!

Thomas and Josiah with Ruff Ruffman.  Garrison wasn't really thrilled about meeting Ruff.

Heading to tour the school bus.
 The boys thought it was cool to sit on the bus and be able to walk all the way to the back.
 Garrison kept informing Josiah that he gets to ride a school bus when he goes to school this fall... we'll see about that.

The cop car and cop inside was the highlight to their day.  

 Let's hope this is the only time they will be in the back of a cop car.  :)