Friday, August 31, 2012

baby update

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks!  I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is progressing well.  I am dilated to a 1 and am 50% efface.  Yes!  I love progressing- more at home and less at the hospital.

I have not gained any weight since my check-up last week.  What?!  This has never happened to me before. Normally I gain like crazy at the end.  I am only 1 lb away from being my heaviest ever.  I think I might just pass that record... bummer.

Yesterday as my doctor was feeling around my belly to see where he was positioned she said, "Wow!  You are all baby and he is sprawled out."  He is head down with his body running along my left side, his butt is at the top of my belly and his feet are pressed on my right side.  Kind of like a "U" shape.  This is exactly how I thought he might be from the way he kicks.  It's really fun now watching him move around because I have a better idea of what body part might be sticking out.

It is extremely hard to sleep at night now.  I usually wake up and am up for at least an hour.  Besides that it's extremely painful to change sides while I sleep.  It's usually a huge process for me and I squeeze my pillows as hard as I can so I don't yell out and wake everyone up.  I'm really looking forward to that ending soon.

I pretty much have everything ready.  This past week I've been cleaning, packing, organizing, you name it in anticipation for his arrival.  His diaper bag is all ready, his room is ready, I have all his diapers out and nursing equipment all set up.  Thomas and I have even been busy cleaning carpets.  We've never done that in the 6 years we've had this house or before any of our other babies, but after having 2 little boys spill pretty much everything on it, 3 dogs living with us at some point and having a daycare I really wanted them clean.  It's such a good feeling to have clean carpets.

We have narrowed our names down to 2.  Thomas really likes one and I really like the other, of course.  I asked the boys the other day which name they liked and Garrison said one (the one I like) and Josiah said the other name (the one Thomas likes.)  Which is actually really funny because Garrison has more of my personality and Josiah has more of Thomas' personality.  We are continuing to pray about what name God has chosen for our little one.

In 3 weeks, give or take, we'll be a family of 5!!  I cannot believe it!  The boys are so excited.  The other morning Josiah came running up to me and said, "MOM!  Did you have the baby yet?"  Both boys love to hug my belly and curl up next to me on the couch.  They also enjoy trying to get the baby to kick them.  This poor little guy is in for a world of craziness.

Come on 3 weeks!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I feel like it's been years since I last blogged.  Life has been piling up on me and I'm now starting to dig my way out.  Since I have so much to update everyone on I thought I'd do quick little bits for you.

* pregnancy- I had my 36 week appointment today.  Baby's heart beat is strong and "perfect" (according to the doctor.  Love that!)  I think he's dropped because I can now breath so much better when I walk.  Today when I walked to my doctors office I didn't reach the desk huffing and puffing like I did even 2 weeks ago.  I will now officially start going every week until this little man enters this world.  Yeah!  I love weekly updates! I am dilated a finger tip.  It's not much, but it means there is progress.  Thomas has a friend whose wife is into making what Thomas and I like to call "potions."  (we say that term with the most love.)  She mixed up some essential oils for me that I'm to rub on my ankles and feet.  It's meant to help the blood flow and stimulate your uterus.  I can't start until I'm 37 weeks because people have been known to go into labor the next day after using it.  We'll see how it works.

- I had an ECHO (an ultrasound) done of my heart last week.  Everything is good and normal.  The doctor saw nothing wrong.  I have a fast heart beat right now, but he said that it's normal for how far along in the pregnancy I am.  So I guess all the dizziness, lightheadedness, difficult breathing, etc was caused by the heat and lack of fluids.  Oops!  I'm very thankful to be healthy and have not been having any of those symptoms lately.  I'm resting more (mainly because my body is making me) and drinking more fluids.  Which I'm sure is helping.

*this summer- I took the boys to see "The Lorax" at a local movie theater for only $2 per person.  It was a lot of fun.  They each got their own box of popcorn and little pop (for $2 each as well) I've never taken the boys by myself to the theater and I was a little nervous, but they did awesome!  I was so thankful.  The movie theater actually lost power about 3/4 the way through the movie.  The power outage only lasted about 5 minutes and the boys did great.  They stood for a little bit, but didn't get restless or anything.  They just asked questions about what happened.

- Thomas and I took the boys to see Thomas the train a few weeks ago.  We were able to take a train ride with Thomas (the train, not my husband.  Ha!  Ha!) pulling us.  We went to this event last year and the boys loved it.  I think they both enjoyed it more this year.

- This summer has been the summer for things in our house to break.  There was about a 2 week span that I thought if one more thing broke I was going to loose it.  Here's what we've had to fix this summer...
water heater
 vacuum cleaner
 suburban tires
 shower (twice)

- Thomas took on a second job for the summer.  He is teaching drivers ed.  He's actually coming to the end of it here next week.  I'm excited yet nervous.  It will be wonderful to have our dad and husband back.  Thomas has been working from about 9 am to 7:15 pm.  It's been hard for us as the boys go to bed at 7.  So we've kept them up until 9 for most of the summer so they could spend time with their dad.  I'm looking forward to having a "regular" routine again.

- Garrison and Thomas went to Valleyfair the other day with a our youth group and a few other youth groups  from our town.  Thomas wanted to have a day with Garrison before he starts school.  Garrison LOVED Valleyfair.  I think LOVED is even an understatement.  I guess Garrison rode most of the rides all by himself- even waiting in line alone.  Thomas said he really enjoyed watching Garrison have so much fun.  They had a great time together.  

- Josiah and I got to spend the entire day together when Thomas and Garrison went to Valleyfair.  Garrison and Josiah have never been away from each other for an entire day- EVER!  I know crazy!  Three years and they've always been together.  I had so much fun with Josiah.  I saw Josiah in a completely different light.  Normally I'm focused on both the boys and it's hard to give each one individual attention for a long period of time.  I learned lots of things about Josiah.  Like he wants things done his way or no way at all and if you don't do it exactly how he wants it he gets pretty mad.  No wonder the boys fight so much!  I feel bad for saying it, but I never picked up on that before.  I now understanding why Garrison gets so mad at Josiah and why they are always fighting.  I'm learning that if I want Josiah to do anything I need to get him to think it was his idea.

- The boys, my sister, her boyfriend and myself went to a family party on my moms side a few weekends ago.  It was nice to see all of my aunts and uncles.  My aunt and uncles have never met Josiah and I'm not even sure they've met Garrison.  My mom comes from a family of 11 kids and everyone, but one was there.  My uncle from Florida even flew in to surprise my grandma.  

- We've also been spending lots of time outside.  A few times we've ventured to a park and had a picnic, but for the most part we've stuck close to home.  This summer has been so incredibly hot that we bought a little pool and the boys have spent many afternoons splashing around.  It's nice for me as I need to sit a lot because it's too painful to do anything else.  So I sit next to the pool, feet in the water sometimes with a book and let the boys have fun.  

*what we're preparing for-  Garrison starts 4K in less than 2 weeks.  Today his teacher came to our house and played a board game with him and interacted a little with him.  She said she's amazed at how clear he can talk and how well he can follow directions.  She said he's definitely ready for school and will probably have no problem reading by the end of the year.  He loves to spell things.  He's always asking me how to spell different words so he can write them.  He knows how to spell his name and dad and mom without being told.  He can also spell Jo of Josiah, but then asks what letters come next.  I'm looking forward for him to start school, but of course I'm also very nervous.  It's hard to believe he's old enough for school.  Tear.  

- We (well me for sure) have been in baby mode lately.  I have a list of at least 26 things to do before he arrives.  I'm trying to get Thomas to help me, but he's not as enthusiastic about it as I am.  We have finally narrowed down 2 or 3 baby names that we like.  I'm a fan of one, but Thomas isn't as big of fan and vise versa.  I can't believe that he'll be here in 4 short weeks (or earlier :) or later...)  

- Josiah turns 3 on September 24- only 2 days after my due date.  I'm praying that I'll be home to celebrate with him.  He has decided that he wants a Spiderman theme.  I can't believe he's almost 3.  

- Thomas turns 32 on September 12.  

Our September is going to be extremely busy and I can't wait!