Saturday, November 2, 2013

Packing list

As the holiday's quickly approach and I start to plan and pack for our upcoming travels I thought it would be nice to post a quick and easy way I've cut my packing problems down.

Shortly after having Garrison I was packing our bags as we were heading out to visit family. I was getting so frustrated because I was trying to juggle the demands of a newborn while trying to go over our daily routines so I wouldn't forget to pack something.  In my frustration, I came up with a system that I've now used for years and it's been such a lifesaver.

I created a list with each of my children's names on top.  Then, depending on the season I'm packing for, I list everything they'll need in their suitcases- from underwear and shirts to snow pants and swimming trunks.  I then printed it off, stored it in a sheet protector and filed it away where I'll be able to find it easily the next time I need to pack.

The nice thing about storing it in a sheet protector is that I can use a dry erase marker to cross off the items as I put them into the suitcase.  When the list has been completed I simply wipe it off and put it away.  Life saver!  I'm telling you.

I've posted pictures of my lists below.  I've created two different ones for my family- a winter one and summer one.  Yours may be different.  Maybe you family camps a lot or travels overseas and could use a list that has spots for passports or sleeping bags.  The nice thing about the list is you can create it to fit your families traveling needs.

I hope this helps cut down the time and stress of packing.  Safe travels!

*click on picture to take a closer look

* side note- my lists need to updated badly so ignore the name baby.  At the time I created these we hadn't picked a name for our son and I knew we'd be traveling shortly after his birth (like 3 days actually.)