Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am resting.  I am resting mainly because I was told by my ob-gyn that I needed too.  I have been having cramps, pressure, back aches,a  pinched nerve and I think that's about it for over 2 weeks.  Yesterday, I was trying to enjoy time with a few of my girlfriends, but couldn't quite concentrate on anything because I was in so much pain.

I have wonderful friends!  I told them that I was going to go home because I was in so much pain, but instead they told me to call my ob-gyn and they would watch the boys if I needed to go in.

Well, I called and the nurse practitioner thought it would be a good idea if I came in.  (I wanted to throw up from the pain.)  My wonderful friends took care of the boys while I went to the doctor and figured out what was wrong.

And the good news is nothing is wrong!  They ran tests, checked me out, listened to the babies heartbeat (which was 142) and came up with maybe early signs of a yeast infection.  Which I've never had in my life and I'm hoping it can stay that way  (They sent my urine sample away to be tested for a bladder infection, but the test they quickly ran in the dr's office looked like we could rule that out.  And I'm showing no symptoms of an infection.) .  The conclusion was... I am carrying this baby really low and my ligaments and muscles and all those good things are stretching more.  I carried both boys really low, but I think with this baby I popped out really fast and my body wasn't ready for the stretching.  I was so excited to hear that it there wasn't anything wrong with the baby and it was just stretching and not preterm labor.  That is exactly what I prayed for on the way to the doctors office.  God is good!

My prescription was to go home and rest for a couple of days and see how I feel after that.

Thomas brought his work home yesterday so that he could take care of the boys and I could actually get some rest.  He's such a great husband!  And has also been very supportive and encouraging as I've been feeling like a failure for not being able to do-it-all and feeling guilty for him having to bring work home and help out more around the house.

Today I've been feeling really good.  I've been trying to not to do too much, but also am having a hard time just sitting around.  I'm learning that I need to take breaks more and limit myself from what I'm used to doing.  That's not always easy with a 4 year old and a 2 year old, but I'm very grateful for my friends and family.

Things from their mouth


"Mom, are you swelling up?"

Me: "Garrison is that the shirt with the spaghetti sauce stains on it?"

Garrison: "Yes.  You need to do some body work on it"


Garrison:  "Hey dad!  If you go to Jimmy Johnson's place you can get stuff for fixing that crack.  You can get a ladder and some paint and fix this house."  ( Jimmy Johnson's NASCAR sponsor is Lowe's.  Ha!  Ha!)

Can you tell that we have a handyman on our hands?!  Lately he's been into watching "This Old House."  I think that is the funniest most amazing thing that our 4 year can sit through an entire episode of "This Old House" on PBS.



"You don't sass me."  He said that to me the other day while he was getting ready for bed.  I don't know where he ever heard that before because I'm pretty sure we've never said this.


"Mom, you look like Jackie."  Jackie is my sister who lives with us.  She had dyed my hair a day earlier and it looks similar to the color of Jackie's hair.  I was blow drying my hair when he said this to me.


"You've got to be kidding me!"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poor Josiah

"Garrison drawed on me."  Those were the words I could hear Josiah crying as he walked into the kitchen one day.  The poor little guy.

I had to take a picture of him before I wiped it off.

After I cleaned Josiah up I went and asked Garrison why he drew on his brothers face, hand, neck and scalp.  He answered, "well, he was happy so I drew on him."  Like, duh mom.  

Monday, April 16, 2012


Playing with the fizz (baking soda and colored vinegar).
 Garrison was very proud of his "project".
 I don't remember why Josiah doesn't have a shirt on.
 It was a great activity to keep my 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old busy.

Today, Thomas is running to the store for me and on his list are a few more boxes of baking soda.  The weather is supposed to be cold this week so I figured we might be using this again.  Last week, their fizz playing got cut short as I got a call and needed to go to church for the evening.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

the week

Monday- went to my doctors appointment.  I've gained ?? lbs.  Don't even know how many.  I haven't look at my sheet yet.  The babies heartbeat is between 160 and 164.  I don't think either boys was ever that high.  Girl?!  Boy or girl they are very active.  The nurse asked me if I've been able to feel anything yet.  I can!  Well, I have for awhile, but now when I feel them move I know for sure it's the baby.  The baby kept moving around and kicking while the nurse was trying to get a heartbeat reading.

Tuesday-  We took it easy and watched movies.  We thought Josiah might be getting an ear infection.  We almost took him into urgent care, but didn't.  He seems to be fine during the day, but at night gets a little congested.  During the day I'll find him sticking his finger in his ear.  When I ask him what he's doing he usually says, "It hurts."  Guess we'll keep a close eye on him.

Wednesday-  The boys played with baking soda and colored vinegar.  They had a lot of fun.  When you drop the vinegar on to the baking soda it fizzes.  They enjoyed making their "projects", as they refer to it as.  (Pictures to come)

Thursday- I decided to pull off the plastic that's been holding the cold air out of the boys bedrooms all winter.  I'm hoping it will warm up soon and we won't be needing the plastic.  Upon pulling it off I found lots of mold.  I messaged my mom on what to use to clean it with and then we took a little trip to Walmart.  Once home I spent the rest of the afternoon scrubbing the windows and all the woodwork in both boys bedrooms.  Now my back hurts so bad I can barely move.  Oh well.  At least I know that their rooms are freshly clean and free of mold... for now.

Tomorrow-  Maybe I'll scrub some more woodwork.  We have enough to keep me busy all summer long.  We are also planning on attending a free movie night at our church.  They are showing Dolphin Tale.  I know the boys are looking forward to popcorn and sundaes.  Actually, so am I.

Saturday-  I am taking a good friend out for a little pampering for her birthday.  We're going to get manicures and coffee.  I cannot wait!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The last few months

I've been enjoying life and not wanting to write on the blog lately.  The last couple of months have been filled with excitement, stress and decisions.


- toured Garrison's school for next year.  We will be putting him into a little private school with a 4K program.  I'm a little nervous as it will be long days 2 to 3 days a week.  They will get a rest period in the afternoon so that should help.  I'm also excited and nervous for him to begin this new journey.  I can't believe he's big enough to go to school.  I'm going to miss him tons when he's gone, but I know that he will do so well.

- turned down a job opportunity to move to Nebraska where Thomas would have been a head soccer coach for the college that we attended together.  Thomas got a message one day, from the athletic director, asking him to apply for job.  He did and he was headed to the interviewing process when we decided that it wasn't a good time for our family to make a move.  We both are very much at peace with this decision.  Even though it would have been a great opportunity for Thomas.

- hosted Easter.  My family came up for Easter on Saturday.  We had an Easter egg hunt inside because it was way too cold and rainy to do one outside.  We also ate way too much food.  It's always fun when family gets together.

- been dealing with some parenting issues that we aren't sure how to handle.  Garrison has started biting Josiah.   He usually bites him on the cheek or hand and it's when Josiah doesn't do what Garrison wants him to.  Parenting can be so overwhelming at times.

- (Garrison, Josiah and myself) have been enjoying some time out of the house with a few lovely ladies from church and their children.  Every Tuesday 5 ladies and their kids get together at one of our houses to chat and let the kids play together.  It's been so nice to get out and talk to other ladies about motherhood and life.  The kids also have fun together and do a great job playing together.  It will be nice when it warms up and we can all go outside and let the kids run.

- been cleaning out our house and selling things and slowly digging ourselves out of debt.  Thomas and I started taking a class at our church called Financial Peace University.  It teaches you how to get out of debt.  It has been extremely helpful for Thomas and I.  Thomas used to handle all our finances, which I wasn't always fond of because I wanted to know what was going on.  Now, through this class, we are both involved in making decisions and dealing with our finances.  We are budgeting, planning for our future and saving money.  This class has even brought us closer together as a couple.

- announced that we are expecting our third child this September.  (actual due date is September 22)  We are all very excited too!  The boys often talk about their new little brother or sister and sometimes I catch them asking each other which one they want.  It's super cute.  They are also noticing that my belly is getting bigger so they come and put their hands on it, talk to my belly and sometimes kiss it.  I told Garrison the other day that pretty soon he'll be able to feel his brother or sister kick him when he puts his hands on my belly.  He looked very confused yet intrigued.

- made our ultrasound appointment to find out what we're having.  If the baby cooperates with us we'll be able to know on May 10 if we're having a boy or girl.  I'm pretty sure we have a boys name picked out, but haven't even thought about girls names yet.  Maybe that means we're having another boy.  :)  We'll be happy with either one.

- taken a picture of us on Easter.  I LOVE the boys' smiles in this picture.  

 - also taken one of me at 16 wks.