Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been wanting to tape Josiah saying some of the words he knows, but whenever we pull out the camera he just stares at us.  Today, however, I was able to take a good video of him.  You only need to watch the first minute.  The rest isn't very eventful and will probably be boring for most of you.

what we've been up to

Wow!  I can't believe that June is almost gone and we've yet to experience any summer-like weather up here in our neck of the woods.  It's actually getting quite ridiculous.  We still have our heat on because our house is usually sitting at about 60 degrees.  I'm really close to packing my bags and heading south.

We did, however, get to enjoy some nice weather when we headed to the cities the beginning of this month to visit with Thomas' parents who flew in from California.  We had about 5 days of beautiful weather, fun times with family, pool time, thrift store shopping, birthday/graduation parties, baby showers, soccer games, going out to eat and even visiting with my dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece.  It was really hard leaving everyone this time around.  It's so nice to see family and especially nice for Garrison and Josiah to be able to play with all their cousins.

This month has also brought some change to the Bush household.  After much prayer and tears I've decided that I will no longer be doing daycare for the three children I currently have.  I tossed and turned over this decision for a long time.  Thomas and I spent much time talking, prayer, trying to find other ways to continue (maybe cutting down to only three days a week), but in the end needed to be completely done.  It was so hard telling the parents, but I feel so much better for making the decision.  As soon as I was able to find the courage to do it it felt like this enormous weight was lifted.  I know that God was calling me away from this and I finally had to stop fighting and just let faith take over.  I will be done the end of July.

Garrison and Josiah are continuing to crack us up with how stinking cute and wonderful they are.  (I know I'm their mom.  I can pour it on heavy.)  Garrison talks a lot now and comes up with the funniest things.  He's also busting at the seams to go the "movie feater" and watch Cars 2.  He likes to tell everyone he sees that "Cars 2 is coming out soon and I'm going to the 'movie feater' and am going to get popcorn."  We have our count down going.  Only a few more days!

Josiah is becoming a little boy and is not so much our baby anymore.  (tear)  He's such a cuddle bug who loves to gives hugs and kisses.  He's also trying to talk a lot more.  Which is so cute and he loves to do everything Garrison is doing.  I wish I could video tape their entire lives so I could always remember exactly what they did, how their little voices sounded and I could capture every single funny thing that goes on among these walls.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I was doing the dishes one day when I heard my name being called over and over.  I walked into the dining room to see what they needed and this is what I found...
He had climbed onto the chair, but it was pushed in too far so he wasn't able to stand up.  I'm not sure how he even got his head through, but he was stuck in this position until someone could come and help him.  Of course, before helping him I had to run and grab the camera.  It's the cutest little head I've ever seen.