Monday, May 7, 2012

Puke is the new brown

This has got to be my most favorite quote of Garrison's life so far...

(He just discovered that I have two different colored eyes.)

"MOM, you have puke on one side and green on the other side."

It's 3:30 in the afternoon

This sometimes happens...

This rarely happens...

This NEVER happens...
To see Garrison sleeping on the couch while watching tv isn't that surprising.  I can't remember the last time Josiah has fallen asleep on the couch watching tv.  But I can guarantee that I've NEVER seen both of them like this.  It's 3:30 in the afternoon and they were watching The Duke's of Hazzard.  Poor things are so tired.  Guess that's what happens when you wake up at 6:20 am.  
Wonder what's on tv at this time that I can watch?....

* side note: As I typed this I looked over at my two sleeping sweethearts and I saw my wonderful husband sleeping on the chair next to them.  Guess he can't make it either after waking up at 6:20 am with them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Boys!  The other day Thomas and I were sitting back and watching our two little boys play with fizz.  We gave them the fizz with visions of them sitting nicely at the table while squirting the vinegar on to the baking soda in colorful little designs so nice and properly.  In the boys' defense they actually did that for awhile, but it soon became a fun game of dumping it in on the table and creating nice baking soda clumps.  

I commented to Thomas about how I now understood why my brother got into so much trouble growing up.    Boys just find things to do and get into that little girls never think of.  I understand that that's not always the case.  I only have sons and so I can't, from a parental view point, tell you that's our case, but growing up and still to this day my brother will think of things that us girls never will.

With that being said, the other day I pulled out our bean buckets.  We have two bean buckets that are filled with kidney beans and have measuring cups, spoons and scoops inside.  The boys love burying and searching for their matchbox cars in all the beans.  It's usually a fun 30 minute activity for them to do.

After I had pulled the bean buckets out I sat with them for awhile.  I wanted to monitor them until I felt like they were absorbed enough into the activity that I could run upstairs, grab a few laundry baskets that I had already filled with dirty clothes and bring them downstairs.  I gave the boys 1, yes I said ONE, rule before I left.  I wanted NO beans on the floor.  Maybe that was my first mistake.  I gave them a challenge.

I ran upstairs, grabbed all the laundry baskets and brought them downstairs.  As soon as I hit the main level floor I could hear giggling and beans going everywhere.  I ran into the dining room to see my oldest son throwing handfuls of beans at my younger son.  I was steamed!   It was one of those parenting moments where I immediately sat down on the couch and prayed for patience and wisdom.  

It took the boys 3 hours to pick up all the beans.  I couldn't take it anymore and helped them the last 30 minutes. 

These pictures do not do justice to how bad the beans actually were.  There were beans that covered the entire dining room floor, bathroom floor and living room floor.  Why?  Well because during the 3 hour clean up both boys got mad on 3 different occasions and completely dumped over the bucket of beans and proceeded to kick them around.

I think it's so cute that in the bottom two pictures they are smiling and looking so proud at what they did.  

Three weeks later, we are still finding beans around and the bean buckets have not been brought out.  I'm still traumatized.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PBS circus

We support PBS!  As a special "thank you" PBS puts on a little afternoon of fun for all their kids club members.

There was so much to do... pictures with PBS characters, blow up things for kids to jump in or crawl through, games, temp tattoos, face painting, crafts, story time, and souvenirs to buy.  Outside they had different vehicles you could tour: a school bus, fire truck, police car and a semi.  They even supplied you with a cheap little hot dog lunch.

It was a lot of fun!

Thomas and Josiah with Ruff Ruffman.  Garrison wasn't really thrilled about meeting Ruff.

Heading to tour the school bus.
 The boys thought it was cool to sit on the bus and be able to walk all the way to the back.
 Garrison kept informing Josiah that he gets to ride a school bus when he goes to school this fall... we'll see about that.

The cop car and cop inside was the highlight to their day.  

 Let's hope this is the only time they will be in the back of a cop car.  :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bundle up

Sometimes you have to play outside so badly that you don't care...

... if you have to wear daddy's hats, winter gloves...

 ... and sweatshirts just so you can ...

 ... enjoy driving your cars.