Saturday, July 17, 2010

flower bed

I was able to plant my flowers last night in the flower bed that my dad built for us.  It looks super nice.  Way better than what was there before.  The lady before us had the lawn professionally landscaped.  We were told that she had 7 (yes, I said SEVEN) people come every week and weed, water and whatever else you do with flowers.  Can you imagine what our yard looked like after 2 years of neglect?  Then I come in and don't know a thing about flowers or bushes or weeds or trees.  So guess what Thomas and I have been doing for the last two summers?...  Yep, mowing all of it over.

I was hoping to hang some window boxes on the fence, but after looking at some boxes and our fence I'm not sure that the fence will be sturdy enough.  So I bought some hanging plants instead, but the wind kept blowing them and being by the lake it can get pretty windy.  So we decided that wasn't a good idea either.  If anyone wants to suggest something that would attract your eye higher than the flower bed just let me know.   

Enough of me rambling on about my lack of knowledge (with flowers, that is). 

Thanks dad for all your hard work.  I know that you did this on one of the hottest weekends yet here by the icebox.  Now, hopefully, I can keep it looking nice.

Sorry about the mess of toys in the background.  We're in the middle of landscaping an area that I would eventually like to put them.  (to be done next summer.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the new do

I got my haircut a couple of weeks ago and I know some of you have been asking for pictures.  Sorry that I made you wait so long.  I completely forgot to post the pictures. 


We've been busy lately with company and outdoor projects.  It's been so nice outside that we've been spending all our time outdoors.  We normally don't get this spoiled up here by the icebox (aka. Lake Superior) so we've been taking every advantage we can to enjoy it before it disappears.

My mom came for a visit the end of June for a couple of days.  It was really nice having her here.  We haven't seen my mom since February so it was a long, overdue visit.  The boys got lots of Grammy time (as Garrison likes to call her). 

Then 3 days after she left my dad and sister Jackie came for the 4th.  My dad has been helping me with a flower bed that I've been trying to do built a flower bed for me by our front entry way.  It looks so nice.  When I get flowers planted (hopefully this weekend) I'll post pictures of the before and after. 

Jackie and dad spent the 4th with us and we had our "Williams" whiffle ball tournament.  Which Thomas won... again.  The championship was between him and I.  He kicked my butt... of course.  But I'd like to think that I gave him a little challenge.

We went and saw the Superiors 4th of July parade.  It was SO hot outside, but we still enjoyed it.  Garrison actually picked up candy this year that they threw at us.  He came home with a whole bag full.  Josiah just sat on the curb and watched with amazement and clapped every now and then.

We kept the boys up that night so we could go watch the Superior's fireworks, but the mosquitoes were so bad that it almost wasn't worth it.  Garrison got bit by something on his temple because the next day he woke up and his eyebrow and temple was swollen.  As the day went on it gradually got worse until the whole side of his face was puffy.  A little Tylenol and he was good as new.

Then this past weekend my sister Jackie was up again visiting.  We watched the first two movies of the Twilight saga. (hence the music on my blog.)  I'm in the middle of reading the third book right now.  I was interested in seeing what all the hype was about. 

It's been a fun, crazy summer and I can't believe it's already July 13th!!!!  Hopefully summer will start to slow down soon.