Monday, December 28, 2009


Thomas, Garrison, Josiah and myself boarded a plane on December 14th and flew to sunny Palm Springs, California to visit with Thomas' parents. It was an awesome trip. The temperature was in the 70s the whole time and even hit 83 one day. I did not want to leave.

This was our first time taking the boys on an airplane. I was super nervous about doing this too. Since Garrison and Josiah are both under the age of two we didn't have to buy them a plane ticket and instead they were able to sit on our laps. I wasn't sure how Garrison would do. Would he want to get down and run around? Would he be able to sit in our laps for 3 1/2 hours? Have you ever seen the Bill Cosby Himself comedy act about little Jeffrey on the plane? (If you don't know what I'm talking about click here)That's what I didn't want to happen, everyone wishing that could get off the plane. But I'm happy to say that both Garrison and Josiah did wonderful on the flight there and back.
If you were wondering, yes, we had 6 seats to ourselves there and back. It was glorious! We were able to spread out and enjoy the ride so much more. What was I worried for?

We had a great time hanging out with Thomas' parents and his grandma. We don't get to see them that often so it's such a treat when we do get to spend time with them.

We did all sorts of fun stuff during our week. We went to the ocean, Garrison and Josiah met Thomas' aunt and uncles, Harry, Bridgett, Eric, Tammy, Marie and Dave, went to the living desert, Thomas and I went on a date to The Cheesecake Factory, went golfing, went and saw a whole street lite up with Christmas lights, the street is called Candy Cane Lane.

On Tuesday we spent the day getting settled in and relaxing after traveling all day on Monday.

Wednesday Thomas and I went golfing together. The last time I've been golfing was 6 years ago. I was pretty rusty. Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory for a little date while John and Sharon (Thomas' parents) watched the boys.

On Thursday we headed to the ocean. Thomas' uncle Harry and aunt Bridgett live only a few miles from the ocean so they took us to some of their favorite spots along the ocean. Garrison liked running in the sand until he got wet from some of the waves. Josiah slept the whole time.

Thomas spent Friday golfing with his dad, while Garrison, Josiah, Sharon and myself went to a little dinosaur exhibit. Then that night the whole family went out to eat and then to a live nativity scene and went to see Christmas lights.On Saturday, Thomas, Sharon, the boys and myself went to "The Living Desert" and saw all kinds of different animals. The highlight of the day was when Garrison found some drums to bang on. He had such a huge smile on his face. It was a beautiful day to go "The Living Desert", it reached 83 degrees that day.Sunday we went to church and Thomas' aunt Marie and Uncle Dave came over for lunch. It was nice hanging out with them.

We had an awesome time in California. I would go every year if I could afford it. Thank you John and Sharon for the wonderful time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the season...

... for cold and flu.

Yes, it has been traveling through our family this week.

Garrison started it!!

The end of last week he started having a runny nose. That was it. I thought maybe it was teeth coming in, but then he woke up one morning with a really runny nose, coughing, sneezing and drooling. The whole day he wouldn't eat or drink anything. I was getting worried that he was going to become dehydrated. The one thing that I didn't understand was why he was drooling so much. I mean, if he wasn't getting teeth then why so much drool, to the point of soaking his shirt. Then I realized he must have a sore throat and didn't want to swallow.

It was rough couple of days for him. He couldn't sleep, couldn't breath (from having such a plugged nose). He was miserable. Thomas did an awesome job taking care of him. Garrison wanted his daddy to cuddle with mostly and Thomas was more than willing to do whatever Garrison asked him to do. (I think Thomas really enjoyed taking care of Garrison, but don't tell him I told you that.) However, the downfall to that is a few days later Thomas got sick. He woke up one morning and could barely talk.

Josiah even was coughing and sneezing for a few days.

I, however, have not gotten it yet. Don't ask me how. Garrison was sneezing and coughing in my face almost the whole time he was sick. I thought that I was going to get it. For a few days I felt like I had no energy, but it wasn't the aches. It was weird, but I never got sick. Knock on wood.

The other three are either over it or just getting over it. Garrison is pretty much the only one still with a runny nose.

So that's where I've been the past week. Taking care of my three sicks boys. Hopefully, I won't get sick because soon we will be heading to California and I really don't want to be sick for that.

I am, however, sick in my own way. (Wait that makes me sound crazy!) I've been diagnosed with postpartum depression. Today I had an appointment with my doctor to go over different options that I can do about it. I will be starting on some medication and going to see a counselor to try and help me.

I think a lot of it has to do with the holidays and dealing with my parents divorce, but at least I'm starting the process for some help. We'll see how things go.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas tree

I have found that I really enjoy blogging. When I started this journey I was really nervous. I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about doing this blog. Yes, I knew that I wanted to tell about my family, but at the same time I knew that this was a place that I could share my heart. I've realized that I enjoy writing ( I might not be very good, but I enjoy it anyway). Sometimes I get a little nervous that I might be sharing too much, but I guess you're seeing me for who I am.

Since starting to blog I've found so many other blogs that I enjoy reading. (I have a list on the side of ones that I read regularly. Some I can't get to post there, but I'm working on it.) One such blog that I read is from a lady named Jill Savage. You may or may not recognize her name, but if you're at all familiar with Hearts at Home you will for sure recognize her name. If you'd like to read her blog click here.

Right now she's doing 25 days of giveaway. Each day she is asking us to respond to a question that she has posted. Today's questions is: "How does your personality or priorities show up in your (Christmas) tree?"

Have you ever thought about that before? I know I never have, but once she asked the question I can see how my tree totally reflects my personality and priorities.

Our Christmas tree is organized, yet simple. Just like Thomas and I are. We like things organized and uncluttered. (Clutter drives me crazy and being unorganized drives Thomas crazy.) Funny how our tree reflects that without us even knowing it.

We have simple white lights, and matching bulbs. This must be the simple, cuteness that we like. However, the ornaments reflect our priorities. The only ornaments that you'll find on our tree are ones that show us the fun we've shared each year together as a family.

We enjoy looking for a new ornament each year that represents something big we did sometime that year. The first year we were married we got a "Our First Christmas" ornament. The year we got Aza we also got a "Chocolate Lab" ornament. Each year we've been blessed with a baby we've gotten them first year ornaments. We also have two ornament that we knew Garrison would enjoy and reflect the boys in our family, a baseball ornament and soccer ball ornament. And we have two ornaments that remind us of the reason why we have this season, a little manger scene and a nail.

I think that I would like to start buying the boys there own ornaments as well. To show them what they did as individuals that year. Then when they move out and/or get married I can pack up their ornaments so that they can share them with their family. (I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about them being grown up. What a sap!)

I'm glad that Jill asked this question today. It shows me that, even though we didn't do it on purpose, our tree shows us who we really are and what is really important.

Does your tree reflect you in someway?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My boys

I love these guys so much. I thank God everyday that they are in my life.

Thank you, Thomas, for being a wonderful husband. Thank you for all your hard work, for your commitment, for your help, your love and your smile. I'm glad that you chose me to marry. I love you!

And to my two little men. Thank you for brightening my day with your smiles. You are two very special little boys and I'm so glad that I was chosen to be your mom.

I love my guys!