Friday, February 24, 2012

Where do potatoes come from?

Sometimes kids say the cutest things.  I love hearing things come out of their mouths and wonder "what in the world is going on in that brain of yours?"

Last night at the supper table Thomas was showing Garrison that he had eaten all his food and could therefore get a cookie for dessert.  We had baked potatoes with last nights supper so Thomas had the peelings on his plate.  Thomas said, "I didn't eat the outsides because I wasn't exactly sure where they had been or where they came from."  Garrison pipes up and says, "They came from their potatoes dad and their potatoes mom."

Just in case you were wondering yourself where potatoes come from.  Now you know!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

laying low

Man have we been busy.  My mom came for a visit the end of January.  It was nice to see her and spend time with her.  We haven't seen her since August.

Then two days after she left we headed to the cities to visit with Thomas' family and parents, who flew in from California, and to celebrate Christmas with Thomas' side of the family.  It was 4 days of going, going, going, playing with cousins, eating, thrift store shopping, visiting with my dad, having a super bowl party and a Christmas party.

I ended up getting sick the first day there and felt pretty crappy and tired the entire time, but tried my hardest to make the best of it.  I just took naps and went to bed when the boys did.  :)

Now we are back home and trying to recoup from all the activities.  I'm still feeling pretty sick.  So I'm trying to lay low, rest and drink lots of fluids.  Yesterday I overdid it and did way too much housework.  But when you've been gone for 5 days lots of things need to be done.  Today I've been mostly on the couch.  The boys have been doing awesome and are playing wonderful together.  Which I'm so thankful for.  Maybe they know that I'm not feeling well.

I asked Garrison if he could do something for me and he responded by saying, "I sure can!"  That's how wonderfully blessed I am today that my boys are behaving so well.

Even my husband told me that none of the housework mattered today.  So I'm laying on the couch not feeling guilty.  Although, you should come check out the place... toys galore.