Monday, December 20, 2010

Garrison's Christmas program

My baby is getting so big!  I can't believe he's old enough to be in a Christmas program, but he is.  Garrison had his first program yesterday at church.  He was so stinking cute!!!  His class at church, the "Blueprints", sang and did the actions to "Away in the Manger."  He had been practicing both at home and at church, but, as you can see, he got to the front and the only action he does is the "stars" down by his side. 

The kids actually did a really good job considering that was their first time up on stage.  (they never practiced up there, only in their classroom.)  I thought, for sure, some of them were going to freak out.  The only meltdowns we had were back in the classroom before they came out.  (I was their teacher yesterday)

At the end of the video, if you listen closely, as I'm walking away with him he says, "Mom, you're back!"  He's so cute and I was so proud of him up there.  He's such a big boy! 

Now only if he'd loose the diapers....

Saturday, December 4, 2010


  Adeline, my brothers little girl, Josiah and Garrison.  
The three little amigos.
The three grand kids on the Williams side.
Three of the cutest kids.
Two boys and one girl.
Three little kids that I can't stop hugging, holding and kissing.
Three little blessings.
Three babes that make our lives happier. 
Adeline, Josiah and Garrison