Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things from their mouth


"Mom, are you swelling up?"

Me: "Garrison is that the shirt with the spaghetti sauce stains on it?"

Garrison: "Yes.  You need to do some body work on it"


Garrison:  "Hey dad!  If you go to Jimmy Johnson's place you can get stuff for fixing that crack.  You can get a ladder and some paint and fix this house."  ( Jimmy Johnson's NASCAR sponsor is Lowe's.  Ha!  Ha!)

Can you tell that we have a handyman on our hands?!  Lately he's been into watching "This Old House."  I think that is the funniest most amazing thing that our 4 year can sit through an entire episode of "This Old House" on PBS.



"You don't sass me."  He said that to me the other day while he was getting ready for bed.  I don't know where he ever heard that before because I'm pretty sure we've never said this.


"Mom, you look like Jackie."  Jackie is my sister who lives with us.  She had dyed my hair a day earlier and it looks similar to the color of Jackie's hair.  I was blow drying my hair when he said this to me.


"You've got to be kidding me!"


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