Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My boys

Here are a few funny things I've been hearing from my boys lately...


In a Jamaican accent... "No problem man."  Yes, he loves Cool Runnings.

"Is that crazy or what?"


"Sometimes I crack myself up."

"Mom, your hair is sort of fuzzy."

"I'm cleaning up these stinking mirco machines."

Josiah: "Garrison, get in your (car) seat."
Garrison: "I'm getting in.  Chill out!"

Me:  "Ow ow ow."
Josiah: "What is it?"
Me: "It just hurts to walk right now."
Josiah: "Oh, you should do this..." (proceeds to get down and crawl)
Me: "Do you think that will help?"
Josiah: "I'll help." (comes running over and pushes underneath my belly to hold it up)
Josiah: "Can I see him?"
Me: "Nope he's inside my belly. Pretty soon he'll come out and we can see him."
Josiah: "How does he come out?"
Garrison: "He comes out your belly button. It's a door and he just opens it and pushes his way out."


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