Tuesday, July 10, 2012

29 weeks

Weeks along: 29!

Baby:  Is doing good.  Measuring where he's supposed to be, has strong heartbeat, active as ever.  I'm actually a little nervous as to how active he is.  The other two boys were never this active.  I'm thinking this little guy is going to always be on the go.  I'm tired already thinking about it.  :)

Me:  I've gained 30 pounds.  I'm already looking forward to working it off... maybe not.  I've been experience light nose bleeds.  Nothing major- there's just always a little blood in my nose.  My back pain comes and goes.  I still have good days and bad.  I've been trying to surround myself at night with pillows and that seems to be helping some.  I keep telling myself to get out my brace, but I keep forgetting to put it on.  

Doctor appointment:  Had one today.  The doctor says everything is good and I will now start going every 2 weeks.  I can't believe I'm already to this point.  I also had the glucose test for gestational diabetes today and failed the test.  I've never failed this test before so I'll be going on Friday to take the 3 hour test.  I'm praying that I don't have gestational diabetes, but I know that God's hand is in this and everything will work out to his plan.

Food cravings:  Food.  I'm actually not craving anything.  I'm just enjoying food- especially fruit.

Extras:  This poor little guy still doesn't have a name.  We don't even have one in the lead.  We figure we still have some time so we're not stressing.  Josiah wasn't named until 2 weeks before his birth. 

Garrison and Josiah are talking more and more about their baby brother.  I'm pretty sure it helps that they can see my belly getting bigger and bigger.  They do ask often if they can lift up my shirt and see him.  If only it were that easy.   

This little guys room is ready.  All his clothes are washed and put away.  His car seat and crib are sitting and waiting for him.  I wanted to be a head of the game as I didn't know how I'd feel towards the end.  I'm also hoping to be potty training Josiah soon and didn't want to overwhelm myself.  Now we just wait until we get closer to having him before I head out and buy him diapers.  Then we'll really be ready.

I cannot wait to meet this little guy!


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