Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I love picnic's and my boys are starting to share the same love.  They're normally spur-of-the-moment decisions that end with fun memories.  For our first picnic of the summer I decided to grab some McDonald's and head to a local park.  The boys could hardly eat they were so excited about the park.  They did manage to get some food in the bodies before they ran off.

Our second picnic happened today thanks to Garrison.  He suggested going outside to eat our lunch.   Great idea!  We had hot dogs, sandwiches, carrots with ranch dressing and juice.

We kept the dogs inside (so we could actually enjoy our picnic instead of spend our time fighting for it.)  Of course, the dogs hated that idea and barked or scratched at the door almost the entire time.  (We are out of sight, but they could still tell we were close by.)

After a few seconds of Aza, our chocolate lab, barking Garrison turned to the house and yelled, "Be quiet you fools!"  I almost chocked on my food.  I love the things that this kid says sometimes.

A little later I was trying to tell Josiah something, but he wasn't hearing or understanding me.  So after the third time of repeating myself I finally told him to never mind.  He responded to me by saying, "Oh, were you talking to yourself?"  He's only 2 1/2 years old.  Where does he come up with these things?!

I love the memories I'm making with these boys.  Garrison told me today that it was such a good idea to eat outside.  I hope they remember these moments like I remember moments of my childhood.


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