Thursday, September 20, 2012

baby update

I had another doctors appointment yesterday.  I thought I was going to be talking about scheduling an induction, but instead the doctor told me that if this little guy isn't born by next Friday, the 28th, I'll be coming in to have an ultrasound to make sure there is enough fluid around him.  We had to do this with Garrison.  Garrison was born 6 days late so they did an ultrasound to make sure he had enough fluid.  Which he did and I remember the nurse even commenting on him being so ready to be born she could see flakes from his skin floating around in the fluid.

I'm really hoping to have this little guy before the 28th.  If, however, I am still pregnant and everything with the ultrasound looks good we'll be scheduling an induction for the following week.  By that point, I would almost be 42 weeks!!  If I am still pregnant in 2 weeks I'm going to be one crabby, emotional lady... just saying.

On a plus side I lost a pound.  I LOST A POUND!!  How does that happen?!  Everything looks good with my blood pressure and the babies heartbeat is still strong and in the 130's.  I'm dilated somewhere between a 1 and 2 and a little more effaced.  More progress!

Now I continue to wait.  My due date is on Saturday.  Only 2 days away.  I can't believe it's getting closer and closer.  I've been having lots of contractions in the morning, but within a few hours they go away.  I can't wait for the moment where they just keep getting stronger and closer together.

Come on little man...


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