Friday, January 6, 2012

Our New Year's Eve

My brother, his wife and their two girls weren't able to spend Christmas with us as they were sick.  So instead, they came for New Year's Eve.   My dad was also able to celebrate both Christmas and the new year with us.

The 4 cousins...
Maggie (6 months), Adeline (2 yrs), Josiah (2 yrs) and Garrison (3 yrs)

 My dad with his 4 grandkids.
 My brother, Tom with his oldest Adeline.
My dad with Josiah.
 My sisters Jackie (left) and Joanna (right) with Adeline, Garrison and Josiah.
  As a side note... the only one to make it to midnight was Joanna, her husband Shane, Thomas and Jackie (barely).


Tina said...

Hi Sarah~
Oh!! So fun to see your growing, beautiful family! I rolled out of my chair laughing as I read your little guys' quotes in the sidebar! Boys! Dontchya love 'em?! Praying blessings for much laughter and joy for your family in this new year!
PS: I just ventured into the blogging world myself. Stop by sometime!

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