Thursday, January 5, 2012

ear infection... to... God

Garrison brought in the New Year with a cold that eventually led to an ear infection.  The Wednesday night after the new year Garrison went to bed as normal, but within an hour he came looking for us in lots of pain.  For the next 6 hours we tried all we could to make him feel better, but to no avail.  

Around midnight we called the on-call doctor hoping that they could prescribe us an antibiotic and we could get our little guy some relief.  Nope!  They needed to see his ears first.  (This is our first time being parents of a child with an ear infection.  I remember getting an ear infection when I was younger, but I don't remember the process.)

At 2 am Thomas and Garrison headed to the ER.  Two and a half hours later they were home with lots of meds and one exhausted little man who ended up falling asleep before he could take any meds.  Sitting up in the car and all the activity must have been enough to numb the pain.  

Garrison's diagnosis... double ear infection!

Garrison didn't do so well taking his first dose of antibiotics.  Well, in fact, he kept spitting it out at us.  Frustrating!  Finally he took his last 3ml and I got this great idea to tell him that the "white guys" (the color of the medicine) were marching up to his ears to fight all the bad guys that were hurting him.  His eyes lit up and he got so excited.  After that we never had to fight him to take his meds.  In fact, he would ask for it.  He would ask for new white guys because the old white guys were getting tired and needed more help.  He would even put his finger in his ear and yell "don't worry new ones are coming."  

Thomas also made a sticker chart for him so he could mark off each dosage.  Garrison colored a Dinoco helicopter and taped it to his chart.  We said if he took all his meds we would buy him a Dinoco helicopter.  See there's a Dinoco helicopter in a shadow box at the ER and he wanted to take it home the last time he went to the ER.  So as a nice incentive for taking all the meds we promised him a helicopter.  Now we are waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  

I've been so impressed with Garrison through all this.  The other day we were talking about how we new the medicine was working or not.  We can't see that the medicine is working, but we know it is by the way he was getting better.  How his ears weren't hurting anymore.  This made for a perfect teachable moment!  Thank God for sparking me to plant a seed.  I started talking to him about how God is also fighting for us and helping us even though we can't see it.  He then asked me how we know.  Is my child really old enough to have these conversations?!  I told Garrison, "We know because God told us," and he said "oh" and ran away!  

I'm so glad I was able to plant that seed.  God sparked that conversation in me and now he is watering it.  


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