Thursday, January 26, 2012

locked out

The other day we were out celebrating Garrison's birthday when Thomas started receiving a bunch of phone calls from the same number.  He didn't recognize the number and figured if it was something important they'd leave a message.  They never left a message so he thought nothing of it.  Until my youngest sister, Joanna, called and left a message.

He immediately called her back and found out that my other sister, Jackie, the one that lives with us, had locked herself out of our house.  We were over 2 hours away and obviously couldn't come help.

Jackie had arrived home from school, removed her shoes, put her phone and keys down on the counter and let Lady, her dog, out.  Lady is known for not getting off our deck to use the restroom and Jackie decided to step outside for a moment to yell at her to get down.

Our door automatically locks when you shut it.  Jackie knew this and so didn't shut the door all the way, but at some point while outside the wind blew and sucked it shut.  She immediately heard the click of the door and ran to see if it had really locked.  Sure enough... locked!

She began to panic because she knew we were over 2 hours away and not coming back for a few days.  She could also see her keys and phone on the counter in the house.  So she picked up Lady and ran over to our neighbors house and asked to use her phone.  One problem... this day and age most people don't memorize phone numbers.  So she went to call, but didn't know anyone's phone number.  Luckily, we've given our numbers to our neighbor.  That's the number that kept popping up on Thomas phone.  Jackie said she didn't leave a message for two reasons...  1. She figured someone would figure out if you're getting a call over and over then something must be wrong.  2. If she left a message she knew as soon as she'd start telling him what happened she'd start bawling.

Jackie eventually had our neighbor lady look up the number for our church and called the secretary who gave her our brother-in-laws phone number.  Jackie called him and he said he'd come over and break down the door if need be.  I think he was joking.  :)

Joanna was do to come to our house at some point that same evening just to hang out.  When Joanna arrived Jackie ran out to her car and that's when Joanna called Thomas.

Thomas informed Jackie that our friend, Ryan, had a spare key.  Thomas called Ryan, but his wife was working and he had just laid his daughter down for the night so he wasn't able to come over, but Jackie and Joanna were able to drive to his house and grab the spare key.

After 2 hours of being locked out Jackie finally made it into the house.

That night I had a dream that Jackie was cooking something as well and burned our house down.  Luckily, it was just a dream.

We all learned a lesson through this... spare keys = must have!


Ryla said...

That stinks that she was locked out for 2 hours, but glad she was able to get back in!! It is so true though, we do not have a spare key any where, we would be out of luck!

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