Monday, January 19, 2009


I decided to start my day off by cleaning the house. Since I have company coming this weekend I wanted to get a head start. I accomplished three rooms: Garrison's, the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs bathroom. I was on a roll until I scrubbed our bathtub and forgot to crack a window for ventilation. I ended up with a headache and the lingering smell of chemicals in my nose for most of the day. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
Today Joanna told me that the house we'd grown up in, the one located in Browerville, was for sale. I have never gone back there or driven past it since we moved a little over 5 years ago (the rest of my family has) so I was super excited to find pictures. I jumped online and found the listing and I must say it's weird to see your old home decorated and lived in by someone else. They put in a HOT TUB!! There are so many memories from the 13 years that I lived there. We moved in when I was 9 and we left when I was 22. I wish I could run and buy it. If only I had the money...
This afternoon Garrison and I had to run to Maddy's house and watch her for awhile before we took her to basketball. We made strawberry sherbet, which came out more like a strawberry smoothie. It's entertaining to cook with a 10 year old. We had strawberry "smoothie" everywhere. Maddy kept turning the pitcher on the blender, while it was going, and ended up unscrewing the base and strawberries started oozing out the bottom. They were good though.
Before basketball Maddy, Garrison, Aaron (one of Maddy's friends) and I met Tom at McDonald's for supper. Having supper with two rowdy 10 year olds was also another entertaining moment. They somehow started talking about bodily functions and would get louder and louder as they spoke. Then as we were preparing to leave they decided to go beat up the plastic Ronald McDonald. I'm glad they were going to basketball to burn some of that energy. After dropping Maddy and Aaron off at basketball we all came home. Garrison fell asleep in the car, he missed his afternoon nap, so I decided to leave him in his car seat once we were inside so he could get a little more shut eye. Little did I know he was making puddles with his sweat under all his layers. I tried taking pictures, but they really didn't capture how truly soaked he was. A true Bush for you!!


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