Wednesday, January 28, 2009

colds and cleaners of the vacuum style

Garrison has received his first cold and let me tell you it has not been fun. It has been a battle all day with him. He is known for his easy-going, fun-loving self, but today was not the case. (I don't blame him). We've been fighting each other all day over sleeping. I can understand that he's not feeling well and it's horrible trying to sleep when you feel icky, but I also know how much he needs it. This morning I laid him down for his usual nap time and for 30 minutes all I heard was him kicking the side of the crib and banging his legs on the mattress crying. That was the end of that nap. When he did finally take a nap he only slept for an hour, instead of his usual 2+ hours. His eyes have been red most of the day from lack of sleep. He's supposed to be sleeping right now, but I can hear him crying and rubbing his stuffy nose. I think I might be in for a long night. I gave him Tylenol about 30 minutes ago, hopefully it will kick in soon so he can get some much needed rest.

Besides battling with him today we did have a funny moment. Garrison is scared of the vacuum cleaner. It all started when Lady and Bear came to live with us. These two dogs do nothing but bark insanely at the vacuum cleaner, trying to bite and drag it away as you vacuum. I think the dogs scare Garrison more then the vacuum cleaner itself or so I thought. Tonight Lady and Bear were in Joanna's room with the door shut so I found it a perfect opportunity to vacuum. I normally pick Garrison up and vacuum while I hold him, but since Lady and Bear were not around I decided to leave him on the floor. I vacuumed one room and noticed I couldn't see Garrison anymore so I started looking for him. It took awhile, but I found him hiding between our coffee table and rocking chair peeking over the table staring at the vacuum cleaner. As soon as he noticed I was looking at him he turned to me and smiled. I almost fell over with laughter. I love that kid!!

FYI: Garrison has been asleep for 30 minutes and it's time for me to grab a book and kick up my feet...


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