Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Garrison's Birthday Party... I'll explain the party through pictures (that way I won't get long winded)

My sisters and I made these Mickey Mouse cupcakes. I went back and forth debating if I wanted to make these or not and when I couldn't find a Mickey Mouse cake the decision was easy.
Garrison's cake

I made enchiladas and hot dogs. I made up names for the food like, Mickey's Mexican Menu, Daisy's Delicious Dips, Donald's Hot Doggies, etc.A few of our guests...
Garrison did really well with the presents. He got easily side tracked, which is normal, but made it through the pile.Garrison was so funny eating his cake. He's such a performer. He flipped the cupcake over, as you can see, and ate it without his hands (at first). He would look up and see people watching him and get all excited and put his face back into the cupcake.

This was thanks to Uncle Tom. He couldn't resist the urge to smear a cupcake in Garrison's face. This is one of my favorite pictures of Garrison. Even with the frosting it captures Garrison's "concerned" personality. Now he's using his hands.

It turned out to be a great party, with 30 people in attendance. Garrison was absolutely exhausted by the end and slept like a rock the entire night. We even had Thomas' parents, niece, nephew, my dad and my sister spend the night. It was a lot of fun.


Colleen said...

I love Garrison's face with the frosting smear. He's so CUTE, glad he is my grandbaby!

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