Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am a huge list person. I write "to do" lists just about every day because I feel such a sense of accomplishment whenever I get to cross the finished items off. In fact, Thomas said to me tonight, "You have so many lists on 100 different pieces of scratch paper. Do you think you could get rid of some?" (he was digging through a drawer for a rubber band and my "lists" were getting in his way.) There are days when I feel overwhelmed at my list and there are days that I wish I could have gotten to more of the items. Tonight I decided to sit down and think about what I actually did today since I did nothing from my "to do" list.

Here is my "I did" list today:

Woke up early enough to spend some time reading the bible
Made breakfast
Dressed Garrison
Fed baby Landon 4 times (two-month-old I watch 4 days a week)
changed too many diapers to remember
laughed as Garrison turned the tv to the Mexican music channel and started dancing
made lunch
cleaned up lunch
put two babies down for a nap (twice)
played with both Garrison and Landon
read Garrison and Landon a story
talked to Thomas and my dad
took a 5 minute nap
did a load of laundry
gave Garrison a snack
watched Garrison give baby Landon a kiss on the forehead
took care of Lady as she had a seizure
sent a few e-mails
let the dogs outside about 10 times
put a band-aid on Garrison's cut thumb
made supper
put Garrison in his pajamas
picked up Garrison's toys

I like this list much better than my "to do" list I had for today. I think I would have missed seeing this blessing otherwise.


Colleen said...

Sounds like a very full day Sarah. Kick your feet up and relax for tomorrow you get to do it all over agian. :)
Can't waite to see you all this weekend. Love Ya, Mom

Kara Scharrer said...

I had to laugh at the FIVE minute nap! That's about all I get too, but it's amazing what just five minutes of "napping" will do!

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