Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This video always brings me to tears. First, the music alone gives me goosebumps, but more importantly this video has such a powerful message. We, humans, are so easily persuaded to turn to other things rather than focus on God. I love how this video shows it so "black and white." We may fall into so much more than this simple video can show, but we have an amazing God who is always there, always fighting, always trying to get our attention. And will come to our rescue with a drop to our knees, a head bowed low, a tear, a cry, a call, a brokenness.


Dad said...

I've always enjoyed watching skits that have Christian messages. This one has a very powerfull one. We live in such a "noisy"
world with so many things that can distract us.
That "noise" can get so loud that it can drown out the voice of God. We have to be on constant guard to keep that "noise" from having an influence on the choices we make.
What a great moment in the skit when the actor portraying God steps in and pushes back all that "noise".
It's like God says enough if enough ,I will protect you,I am here for when you need stength, I have never left you, I am all you need, I love you. We have to keep the volume of God's voice loud and pray to God for Him to help us turn down the volume on all the "noise". Thanks Sarah for sharing.

Your Dad

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