Monday, March 7, 2011

If you were in our house tonight these are the conversations you would have encountered...

Thomas: singing  "Clean up clean up everyone pick up something.  Clean up clean up everyone do your part.  Clean up clean up or you might hear me fart."

Garrison:  "It's everyone do your share."

Thomas:  "Oh, is that what it is?"


Thomas:  "Is ANYONE listening to me!!!"  After telling Garrison and Josiah to clean up their toys before getting ready for bed.

Me:  "Now you know how I feel and why I talk to you guys (speaking to Thomas and Jackie) because I want SOMEONE to listen to me." 

Ahhh, the life with two small children who don't listen worth a darn.  It gets so old constantly having to repeat yourself over and over and over again.  These phrases I use often... "Stop doing that.  That's enough!  I said stop"  "Come here.  Get over here!  Get over here NOW!"  "Don't touch that please.  Did you hear me I said don't touch that?  I'm not going to tell you again don't touch that."  "Get out from behind the couch.  Come out now!  I said come out and I meant come out."  It's enough to drive a person crazy and yet today as I was doing the dishes, listening to Thomas' conversation with the boys and thinking how thankful I was it was him and not me - it got me thinking about my relationship with God.  How often does God have to repeat things to me?  Does he get frustrated with me and my deaf ears to what he's trying to tell me?  Am I so wrapped up in what I want to do that I don't hear what he is telling me?  It was a very eye opening thought.  It made me realize that all too often I get focused on what I want to do or am doing.  Instead of listening to the one who knows what's best for me I lean towards my own desires.  Just as I'm trying to teach my children God is trying to do the same for me.  I just need to listen.  How many times have I said to Garrison and Josiah, "If you would have listened to what I was saying that wouldn't have happened."  How many times has God said that same thing to me?  I, myself, need to listen better to the one who is trying to teach me and make me a better person.  Who am I to repeat myself over and over when God is doing the same thing to me?  I don't want to hear "If you would have listened to what I was saying that wouldn't have happened."  I want to hear "Thank you for listening the first time."   


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