Tuesday, April 21, 2009

our weekend

Oh my goodness! I have so much to tell, but I'll make it a few posts. I have to get better at posting things. I have things to share, but then end up not posting them right away. Either Thomas needs the computer for school, Garrison is going from one thing to the next and I can't concentrate or I'm just plan tired and would rather go to bed. Anyway, I need to post more often so that I don't overwhelm you or myself with so much information.

With that being said I must tell you about our wonderful weekend. This is probably more entertaining for me than for you. Sorry.

Weekends at the Bush household are not Saturday and Sunday. Our weekend is Friday and Saturday. With Thomas being a youth pastor and working on Sundays he takes off Friday so that he can have two full days with us. Isn't he sweet!? I had a really hard time adjusting to this "weekend". I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I've always had the "typical" weekend and thought that's the only time you can have a weekend. But anyway, I have come to terms with it and actually enjoy it more. I love going out on Friday afternoon and not having large crowds to deal with like you would on a Saturday afternoon.

This last Friday it was absolutely gorgeous in Superior and Duluth. 75 degrees gorgeous! Since I've been cooped up in the house all winter long with a one-year-old I wanted to get out and enjoy it as much as I could. Thomas and I decided, well I think it was more me than him, to go to Canal park and walk around and we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and take Aza along with us so that we could get her walk in. Aren't we smart!? Aza had other plans and I wasn't very happy about them.

If anyone has come to know our dog you'll know she likes to talk. I don't mean in a low, deep manner. We're talking loud, high pitched, obsessive barking that won't go away no matter how hard you pull on her collar, tell her to be quite or shut-up or try and distract her with anything. If she has something to say and she's going to say it.

This is our experience at canal... Thomas is in charge of Aza when we go out, well pretty much always, and I handle Garrison. As I'm getting Garrison out and loading him into the stroller along with all our stuff. (I was prepared for a long, nice walk and packed three water bottles for all of us) Thomas was taking care of Aza. Great! All is well so far.

We start heading out to do a walk along the lake when Aza discovers water. Now I know you're thinking she pulled Thomas into the water and had a grand ol' time. Nope! She decided that she wanted everyone to know she wanted to go for a swim. So she starts to bark and bark and bark. The only thing that Thomas could think of was to run with her to distract her from the water and give her a job to do. So Thomas takes off running and leaves Garrison and I to walk the lake walk. Needless to say Garrison and I had a great walk together, the ten minutes that we were there. Thomas and Aza ended up running probably a mile and everytime they would stop she would start barking. I was glad that I wasn't anywhere near them and didn't have to "claim" Aza as my dog. They got so many stares and even scared a lady. By the time Thomas reached Garrison and I he was exhausted, Aza was thirsty, but wouldn't drink anything and I was mad because my wonderful walk was ruined because our DOG wouldn't stop barking which meant we were heading home. And believe me, it echoed between all the buildings making it even worse. (I'll post a picture of Thomas, Aza and Garrison on our ten minute adventure. Thomas has the computer that I need to do that on and so it won't be until this weekend. I made them pose to prove we had gone to Canal park.) That was our Friday... Saturday...

Thomas had to attend a meeting 2 hours away from Superior Saturday afternoon and he decided to take the car. Now my car has been with me for 12 years. It was the car that I took my drivers test in, took to college, took on lots of road trips and experienced my first accident in (first accident as me being the driver). But lately it's not been the most reliable vehicle to drive so I was surprised when he said he'd take it. He left at 10 am and by 10:45 or so he had called me to tell me that the car had broke down and was smoking so bad he felt like he was in a NASCAR race and I may need to come pick him up. After a few hours and a couple of phone calls later Thomas was able to get it towed to our mechanic and I didn't have to go find him.

This was good and bad news. Good because he was coming home and could spend his "day off" with us. Bad because we are now down to one vehicle and it happened the day before Thomas was to go to the cities for two weeks and do his incentives at Bethel (he was planning on taking the car). So Sunday afternoon Garrison, Thomas, Aza and I loaded up the truck, drove down to the cities, dropped Thomas and Aza off at his sisters, stayed for about 2 hours and turned around and came right back home. (it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive one way)

We've decided that we will probably hold off getting another car for a few months and try to survive on one. Which will be interesting considering that we both have jobs, granted they are both flexible, but still.

Oh, don't you love when our plans are different than Gods plans? On Friday, even though we didn't get to go on our beautiful walk, we came home and spent some nice family time together outside. Garrison got to play in the yard instead of ride in a stroller and fifi and foofoo (aka Lady and Bear) were able to join us as well and get some energy out. And Saturday, Thomas was able to spend some time working on our bathroom (which he was really hoping to do on Sunday) and hang out with us even more before he left for a few weeks. AND if Thomas would not have had the meeting he wouldn't have needed the car and would have taken it Sunday night to head off to the cities. Which would have broken down then and not have been as "convenient" as it was on Saturday. Gods plans are always better than ours.


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