Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yhew! What an Easter weekend. I wish that I had pictures to show you of everything we did, but I haven't gotten in the habit of bringing my camera with everywhere we go yet.

Our crazy weekend started on Friday morning. We packed up Garrison and Aza and headed to St. Cloud for a few days. It was non stop from the moment we drove into St. Cloud until we left. My dad moved into an apartment a few weeks ago and hadn't had much time to put things away, hang pictures and make it homey. Thomas and I got started right away on that project and helped my dad put stuff in his cupboards, hang pictures, rearrange furniture and hang curtains. It looks so nice now and I'm glad that my dad can come home and kick up his feet instead of look at everything he needs to put away.

Saturday was my mom's birthday, but most of us couldn't get together with her then so we decided to celebrate her birthday Friday night. All my siblings and their significant others went and met my mom at her favorite resturant... Guadalajara's. She loves it there so much that the waiters know her order without her even having to say anything AND she knows the waiters names (without looking at their nametags.) We had a really good time and, like always, Garrison stole the attention of everyone around us. People love when he sucks his thumb and pulls on his ear. Who knew?

On Saturday we ran to stores to look for a spring shirt for me to wear on Easter. I don't want to stretch out any of my non maternity shirts and my maternity shirts aren't in season since I was pregnant with Garrison mostly during the winter. I HATE shopping while being pregnant. (Just a side note) The first store I found absolutely nothing, but Garrison received a whole lot of stuff for his room. That's what happens when you have kids. I can't walk into a store and not buy something for him. I need to stop that before he gets old enough to figure that out. Otherwise I'm in BIG trouble.

After that wonderful event, which I did end up buying a non maternity shirt, we headed out to my brother's place to see how far he's come with their remodeling project. Their place is coming together nicely, but I must say I'm glad that I don't have to live in a remodeling mess. Sorry Tom and Dawn. (watch for pictures of our "remodeling" project)

After we left there we ran and got something to eat and had 30 minutes to get Aza at the kennel before it closed. If anyone has ever driven in St. Cloud you'll understand that it's the worse place to drive EVER. Everytime Thomas and I visit St. Cloud we are so glad that we moved away. We arrived to pick up Aza with 9 minutes to spare before they closed. Then we were off for home.

Oh, did I mention that Garrison peed through every outfit that I brought him before Friday afternoon? Yep, he wore aired dryed clothes for most of the weekend.

My sister, Jackie and dad decided to come to our house for Easter and I had nothing prepared. So when Thomas and I got home Saturday night we quickly made a run for Walmart and bought our Easter dinner.

Easter was great! We went to church and had their Easter breakfast, followed by service. When we arrived home we let Garrison look for his Easter basket. It wasn't very hard to find since I layed it on his fire truck in the middle of the room. I wasn't sure if he'd even understand that he had a basket to look for, but he noticed it as soon as Thomas brought him in the room.

Here are a few pictures of our Easter


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