Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doctors appointment

Yesterday Garrison had a doctors appointment. He does so good when we go there. He sits nicely, smiles at the doctor and, for the most part, lets the doctor do his thing... until that first prick of getting a shot. Yesterday he received FOUR shots and none of them could be combined so it was four individual pricks. The good news is is he's done with shots until he goes off to kindergarten. YES!!!!!! I hate watching him get shots. He goes from looking-around-the-room-talking to red faced, big rain drop tears screaming in one second. I felt so bad for him this time. By the third shot he was shaking. Poor guy.

We also have a skinny mini on our hands. He weighs 19 lbs 8 oz and is 29 inches long. He's not even heavy enough to be facing forward in his car seat, but we've changed it around anyway. I asked our doctor if we should be concerned that he's small and our doctor looked at him and said, "He's looks proportional to me. He's probably fine if he's developing normally." Probably fine! I hate the word fine. "How's dinner?" "Fine" "How do I look?" "Fine" "How is my sons physical health?" "Fine" (Fine is an easy way to not say what you're really thinking.) Shouldn't we be concerned with his weight? At what point do we need to be concerned? I'm not a paranoid parent, but this is one area that I wish the doctor would elaborate on.

Our next appointment is in 3 months. Hopefully, he'll have put on more than a pound and we'll only be 2 months away from trekking two kids to the doctors offices.


angie said...

Brayden is about the same size as Garrison - small and busy don't make a real good combination I guess!

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