Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life with a 3 1/2 year old

Thomas and I have been having "fun" conversations with Garrison lately.  Here are 3 of them...

Garrison:  "Mom, I'm going to freak out right now!"  As he proceeds to throw himself on the floor crying, kicking and screaming.  
* I don't remember why he was "freaking out", but I just ignored him and walked away.  It ended rather quickly.   The magic of being ignored. 


Garrison and Josiah were playing in their playroom the other day when I went to go check on them.  As I walked into the room I witnessed Garrison slap Josiah across the face.  I sent Garrison to time out and this is the conversation I had with him afterwards...

Me: "I put you in time out because you slapped your brother across the face.  We do not do that.  Why did you slap Josiah across the face?"

Garrison: "He was distracting me."


Here's a conversation Thomas had with Garrison...

Garrison:  "Dad, I want money."

Thomas:  "Garrison, the way you get money is by behaving, doing what we ask you, telling dad and mom that you love them..."

Garrison:  "Dad, I love you.  Can I have money?"


Ryla said...

Oh my goodness, i am sure there is never a dull moment!! I especially love the last conversation! :)

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