Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thomas, hives and fish... oh my

We met Thomas the train and, man, did we all have fun together.  Thomas took us on a train ride and we posed for pictures with him.  Garrison and Josiah received Thomas tattoos and heard a story.  They played with trains, made necklaces and received a prize.  Garrison even high fived Sir Topham Hatt- Josiah wasn't so sure about him.  We're glad Thomas was able to stop in Duluth for a little visit.  

 It was 92 degrees and their nap time.  Can you blame them?

 Waiting for our train ride
 In line to meet Sir Topham Hatt

 Can you see Sir Topham Hatt way down there?  Whoever was in that costume must have been roasting.  It was 92 degrees outside.

Remember the other day when Garrison ended up going to the ER?  Well I tried my best to take pictures of his hives.  These pictures do not do justice as to how bad he really had them.  No matter what setting I put our camera on it wouldn't capture them very well.  So here are the best ones I took.  ( I think if you click on the picture it will make it bigger.)

 The hives below were how bad he had them from head to toe.

Garrison caught his first fish.  We went to Aunt Shana's parents cabin the other day and Garrison fished from the dock.  He drop his line into the water and about 10 seconds later got his first fish.  That was a good thing and bad thing.  Good thing- he caught a fish.  Bad thing- he thinks that you always catch fish that fast.  Here's Garrison posing with his first fish and his cousin Andrew looks very proud of him too.  


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