Thursday, July 21, 2011

a trip to the ER

Garrison ended up in the emergency room last night after having an allergic reaction to something.  It's anybody's guess as to what caused it.

We put the boys down to bed a little later than normal because Thomas came home last night after being gone for the past 3 days at camp and I wanted them to be awake so they could hang out with him a little before heading off to bed.  A few hours after Garrison went to bed he started getting up and asking us for all the things that usually gets him out of his bed and into our room- he needs a drink of milk, his blankets fell off his bed, he's cold and needs his socks on.  But at about 12:30 he started crying so Thomas went into his room to check on him.

Garrison told Thomas that his nose wasn't working.  Thomas wasn't sure what that meant so he went and turned the light on.  Right away he noticed that Garrison's face was swelling up.  He brought Garrison into our room and asked me to help him.  Thomas was trying to figure out what he was reacting to, but I couldn't think of anything he'd eaten or be in contact with.  Thomas thought it might be a spider that bit him.  So Garrison said, "It's ok.  I just got bit by a spider."  To lighten the mood I said, "Oh, you got bit by the speider? (said like Megamind)  We gave him children's benadryl right away, but we were super nervous about him saying his nose wasn't working.

Thomas took Garrison to the ER.  Before they left I threw in lots of books and snacks just in case they'd be there for awhile and they ended up staying until 4 am.  By the time the doctor saw Garrison the benadryl had kicked in and he was looking and feeling better.  Well until he puked on the floor.  They gave us some meds to give him for the next couple of days because the symptoms can stick around for a few days.

Thomas said Garrison was super good at the hospital and can't stop talking about it today.  He loved that he got stickers and a cool box of toys on the wall that was locked, but had a list of objects that kids could find.  Apparently, there was a helicopter that he needed to find because he keeps talking about it.

We went outside for awhile, but after 30 minutes Garrison was loaded with hives again.  Then Thomas told me that the heat can irritate him and the symptoms can come back.  Oops!

So we've been watching a lot of "Tangled" and trying to keep an eye on him as best we can.  I just wish that we knew what caused this.


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