Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Real Moms...Real Jesus"

I posted early about a book I had been reading called "Real Moms... Real Jesus" by Jill Savage.  (click here if you missed it)  I love this book!  I recommend this book to every mother out there.  It will change your outlook on how much Jesus truly understands your every day to day tasks.  He knows what it's like to not have a moment to your self, large crowds followed him every where he went and so much more.  On the back of the book a lady named Pam wrote "If every mother owned this book there would be many more happy moms, kids and husbands!"  I totally feel that way too.  I really wish I could get every mother to read this book and see how much Jesus understands.

The last two days Jill has been on Focus on the Family discussing this book.  To hear part 1 click here.  To hear part 2 click here


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