Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last week our family did a fun little "project" together. Each day we wore a different color. Then for lunch we ate foods that were that color (or I added food coloring) and I read Garrison the story of Noah and the ark and colored the color of the day into a rainbow picture.

Monday: Red
We had grilled cheese, apples and red V8 juice. I added red food coloring to the butter before I toasted it. We didn't wear red on Monday. I didn't even think of it until Thomas came home from work and pointed out that he was wearing a red shirt. Then we thought it would be fun to wear the color too.
Tuesday: Orange
For lunch we had mac 'n cheese, oranges and orange V8 juice. (Notice that I even went as far as putting our food into coloring coordinating plates, bowls and utensils. I know, crazy, right?)
Garrison in his orange shirt. Josiah in his orange shirt.
Thomas in his orange shirt. Garrison is still wearing his orange shirt, but you can't tell. Josiah, however, had an accident that's why he is in red.Wednesday: Yellow
For our snack that day we had vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, bananas and I colored our milk yellow.

Garrison in his yellow shirt. Josiah had a yellow shirt on, but had an accident before I could get a picture.Thursday: Green
We had a chef salad, kiwi and I colored our milk green. I also learned something in doing this little "project", Garrison LOVES salad. He ate three bowls for lunch that day.Friday: Blue
We had pancakes that we added blue food coloring to and blueberries (not pictured).We all wore blue, but didn't get a picture of it. This is, however, a picture of a duck in our pancakes.
Saturday: Purple
Our weekend was crazy. Jackie came up to visit us and Thomas and I went to a symphony so we didn't eat anything purple. Although, I had grapes for the day. We also all wore purple, but didn't take a picture of that either. I really dropped the ball on the last couple of days, but we still had fun.


lorijane said...

What a fun week. Being a Mom is so full of wonderment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, accounts of the days, and all the pictures.

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