Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's on cereal

My baby is having cereal already.

I started giving Josiah cereal about a week ago and he took right to it. He likes to eat it with baby food (so far we've only tried pears) or formula. I'm not a fan of putting formula with it, but I was given some from my clinic so I thought I would use it up.

He has cereal two times a day. Once around 10 am and then again at about 5 pm. Ever since I started giving him cereal he has slept for 12+ hours a night. It has been wonderful! And I love that he's predictable now, at least at night. Of course, now that I'm telling you about it he'll probably change his tune.

He loves eating so much that he opens his mouth as soon as he sees the spoon and if I don't get it to him fast enough he tries to grab the spoon. He's a true Bush... loves to eat and needs it NOW!


Anonymous said...

He's so cute! Such a big boy:)


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