Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Tail

A few weeks ago we were in the cities visiting Thomas' family. When we go down we usually put Aza into a kennel. Thomas' brother, James, is a manager of a kennel so we have an in. While she was there she got "happy tail".

What in the world is "happy tail"? Dogs receive "happy tail" when they are in the kennel wagging their tails so much from excitement that they cut it on the bars. Leave it to our dog to get excited (Aza... never!) and cut her tail.

Aza came home with a nice bandage. We thought she had a dangerous tail before. (The red in the picture is not blood it's just a red bandage.)

A few days after we got home Thomas thought it would be ok to take off the bandage. When he first removed it it was all scabbed over. No big deal. Aza licked it a lot and I tried to stop her whenever I was able to, but that wasn't often.

Well, we should have left the bandage on longer because now our house looks like a murder scene. We keep finding blood spots all over. The front door and the wall next to the front door are splattered. I've found blood on our cupboards, dishwasher and wood trim. So if you come over and think we beat our dog and she lives this miserable life. Think again! She just has "happy tail".


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