Monday, January 24, 2011

chocolate... or not

The thought never even crossed my mind to post this story, but the other day a few ladies from church took me and our senior pastors wife out for our birthday's and somehow I ended up sharing this story.  (Thanks Amber.  Big smile.)  They all were dying laughing so I thought I'd share. 

Side note:  Not recommended for weak stomachs.  (Hee!  Hee!)

About a month or so ago Garrison discovered that he could stick his hands down his pants and remove some "treasures".  Something that we aren't a big fan of (duh!) and were working on him stopping.  (He has since kicked the habit and is now going to the bathroom on the toilet.  Yippee!)

One afternoon I happen to be eating a chocolate bar, and if anyone knows Josiah he must have some of whatever you're eating, so I was feeding him small chunks.  I'd hand him a piece.  He'd go off and play and come back when he was ready for another piece.  No big deal.  I didn't think anything of it.  Until I started walking to our front room to check on Garrison.

As I got closer to the room that Garrison was in I saw a chunk of chocolate on the floor.  At least what I thought was chocolate.  It was bigger then the pieces I'd been giving Josiah and my first thought was Josiah must have kept all the pieces I gave him in his cheeks and then spit them out.  (He's known for storing food in his cheeks like a chipmunk.)  Anyway, I picked up the piece and realized this is not chocolate this is poop, but something looked wrong with it.

I immediately started freaking out when I got a smell of it and all my doubts went away.  "GARRISON!  GARRISON!  WHY IS THERE POOP ON THE FLOOR?  DID YOU TAKE POOP OUT OF YOUR DIAPER?"  I wasn't really yelling at Garrison I think my brain was trying to figure out that it wasn't chocolate, but it looked like chocolate and Josiah had been eating chocolate and this looked like chocolate and it was wet and...  Garrison so sweetly says, "Yeah mom.  I gave it to Josiah and he ate it."  Yep, that's what my brain was trying to comprehend.  See I'd noticed that the chunk was wet and had lots of teeth marks in it and I was hoping that I was just seeing things, but Garrison's answer confirmed my biggest fear.

I grabbed Josiah as fast as I could ran to the bathroom and washed his mouth out for about 10 minutes.  Not kidding.  I brushed his teeth.  I squirted toothpaste on my finger and wiped his entire mouth out.  I rinsed his mouth.  I did everything I could think of.  The poor kid.  He must of thought that was the grossest tasting chocolate in the entire world.  And why wouldn't his brother give him chocolate his mom was giving him some.  It still makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Then the other day Garrison came to me with a pull-up on (he'd had a diaper on before).  "Look mom.  I change me all by myself."  "Great job, Garrison.  You even put it on the right way."  Only to see Josiah come up behind him with his hands stretched out and a disgusted look on his face.  "Honey, what do you have?"  After going up to Josiah and looking at his hands I discovered they were full of poop.  Seriously!  I immediately had flash backs to our chocolate episode and I was getting a little freaked.  "Garrison, did you change your diaper because you pooped."  "Yep!"  "Ok next time you need to come tell mom and I'll change you.  You don't change yourself because now Josiah has poop all over his hands and I'm sure there is a huge mess in the front room."  There wasn't a mess hardly at all, but come on.  What else can little boys get into?....  Don't answer that.  I don't want to know.


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