Saturday, January 22, 2011

American Idol

I normally don't get connected to American Idol.  I enjoy watching the beginning while they audition, but then after that it's hard for me to keep watching.  Although, this year I think I'll be watching the entire thing.  Thomas and I know one of the contestants on this season... Caleb Hawley! 

Thomas and I used to go to a church camp up in the northern part of Minnesota every summer, that's where we met, and one of the families that also attended this camp was the Hawley family.  Thomas and I were better friends with Caleb's older siblings Rachel and Luke because they were more our age.  Caleb is about 4 years younger than me.

Caleb was the second person to appear on the season premier of American Idol.  Steven Tyler absolutely loved him and Jennifer Lopez called him "cute".  Here is a clip from that night... and watch American Idol this year and vote, vote, vote for Caleb Hawley. 

On a side note Caleb is now everywhere.  He's been on TMZ and there are many blogs and articles about him.  One article I saw on msn said, "Caleb looks like he fell out of bed, but sings like he fell out of heaven."  It will be fun to watch how far he goes, if not all the way.  Go Caleb!!


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