Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tall Ships and mini golf

Thomas' brother, Nate, his wife, Kathy and their three boys, Brody, Andrew and Elliot came for a visit this past Thursday and Friday.  They came up to watch the Tall Ships come in and spend some time with us.  (Check out these pictures of Canal Park over the weekend.  Canal Park is where the Tall Ships were.  There was an estimated 120,000 people that came to watch the ships come in.  We were going to brave the mess with Nate and Kathy, but decided against it after hearing how many people would be down there.  One radio station, that was set up in Canal Park, said that a car in front of their booth had only moved 1/2 block in 45 minutes.  Yuck!)  We're glad Nate, Kathy and the boys had a good time.  Maybe next year we'll brave it with them... maybe.

Before Nate and Kathy left on Friday we went over to Barkers Island where the boys played on the playground and had a fun game of mini golf.  None of us had ever played mini golf at this course before.  (Thomas and I were going to one time for a date, but I got sick and ruined those plans.)  Nate, Brody, Andrew and Garrison were the only ones who actually golfed.  Thomas spent most of his time teaching Garrison how to hit the golf ball with his club and not pick the golf ball up and throw it.  Aahh, the life of a two year old.

They all had a really nice time.  Nate and Brody were even able to score a few holes-in-one. 

We're really glad that Nate, Kathy and the boys were able to come up for a visit.  We had a really fun time and I know Garrison and Josiah enjoyed playing with their cousins.

From Left to right: Brody, Nate, Andrew, Josiah, Garrison and Thomas 
Garrison does not seem interested in anything Thomas is trying to teach him.
At least he's not using his hands.
I love this picture.  Look at Garrison's golf stance.  He looks like he's got some bowling moves and not golf ones.
Garrison is a little scared in this one.  I think he might be thinking the ball is coming back for him.  (Do you see the green ball?)
This hole was more of a hurdle than just one.  You can barely see it, but looked at Andrew and Josiah.  I didn't notice until I put them on the computer that Andrew is talking to Josiah.  So cute!
Nate with two of his boys, Brody and Andrew.
The 6th little Bush baby just chillin'.


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