Saturday, August 7, 2010

She's really gone

Today I said good bye to an old friend. A wonderful companion, a trusted confidant and a reliable pal.  I was hoping this day would never come, but she's gone... really gone. 

What's not gone, and never will be, are the memories.  The first time we met, the first time I failed, the ups and downs, the frustrations and the people.  Oh how many people have shared in our friendship, from all my walks of life. 

We first met right before I turned sixteen.  I was so excited.  My parents had found her and told me all about her.  What she was like, where she was from and how soon we'd meet.  It was love at first sight. 

She's been with me through so much.  She was there when the drivers ed trainer told me I failed my first drivers test.  She was reliable all the way home as I cried and cried and yelled and freaked my mom out.  She was also there when I went back a month later to take my test again and passed. 

She was with me as I gave rides to my brother and sisters, drove to my jobs, hung out with my friends and went on dates.  She was always there and ready at a moments notice.

How many times had I cried with her, prayed with her, got mad at her, hated her, but it didn't matter.  She was my friend.

We've been on trips together.  She carried me through to California, Michigan, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  She was with me as I went to camp, friends houses, colleges, interviews, dates, doctors appointments, jobs, family gatherings.  She was there when I got into my first accident.

She's carried many important people in my life and always had their safety in mind. 

She's heard me answer a hundred times the question "Why does one seat belt automatically slide and the other one doesn't?"  She's heard my mom tell me "The only drug that is allowed inside is Midol."

She was with me through the years of me wanting to be cool.  I'd sit with my seat leaned back a little, music turned up and one hand on the steering wheel.  She never made fun of me or laughed at me.  She just went with the flow.

She was there when I got engaged.  She brought along the light so that I could see my ring in the dark December night.  She always knew what I needed.

She was there for me when I needed to carry very precious cargo around (babies).  I always felt safe with her.

She was never fast or showy.  She never made people jealous or envious and that was ok.  She was my friend.

As I watch them carry her away I think of all the memories and how she'll always hold a special place in my heart.  As I watch her fade away and wipe away the tears I think of all the others that she will now touch.  How many others she'll get to share her gifts with.  Good bye old friend.  Thanks for the memories.   


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