Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thomas' graduation

As most of you know Thomas graduated earlier this month from Bethel Seminary.  I didn't have any pictures downloaded earlier, but now I do.  So enjoy. 

Our church also put together this really great video for him and played it the following Sunday.  If you'd like to watch it click here and it will take you right to it. 

This is at John and Sharon's (Thomas' parents) condo.  It was beautiful.
centerpieces... different pictures of Thomas
my sister, Jackie, and Josiah
people at the party... not pictured in any, but were there was my dad, Shane, Nate, most of the kids, Jennifer
Josiah and Adeline (I love this picture of them.  Adeline looks like she wants to help and Josiah just looks so cute crying.)
Garrison actually did try and bonk their heads together shortly after this picture.
Adeline showing Garrison love.  While Josiah is still unhappy.
Jackie and I trying to take a picture of Garrison and Josiah in their somewhat matching outfits.  They had on the same shorts and shirts only the shirts were a different color.  I did that for Jackie.  She hates when I dress them in the same thing.  She would much rather see them in something similar, but NOT the same.
Congratulations, babe!  We love you!


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