Sunday, October 16, 2011

two little helpers

This week the boys and I have been trying out a few different recipes that I found on Pinterest.  (Must say I have fallen in love with this website.  Yes, I know, I believe this site has been around for awhile, but hey with two small kids running around I'm not really hip or trendy anymore... or maybe I never was hip and trendy.)

Garrison and I took a try at making bath paints one afternoon while Josiah was taking his nap.  (Garrison is suppose to lay down or play quietly in his room at the same time that Josiah sleeps, but this week he wasn't having any of it and I was beyond frustrated so I had to get creative.)  Making bath paints is super easy and the boys had a blast the other night using it in the bath tub.  They would have spent hours in the tub playing with this stuff if I would have let them.

Garrison helping me stir the bubble bath and cornstarch together.

Bubble bath paints
1 c. of baby bubble bath or body wash (make sure it's clear or white)
4 tbsp cornstarch
a few drops of food coloring
small containers with lids

Mix baby bubble bath and cornstarch together.  Separate into the four containers.  Add food coloring.  
Let the kids have a blast with paint brushes or their fingers. 
* I had very little baby bubble bath left so I used hand soap instead.  Worked out perfect!

 Our final product.

Then I decided to tackle a cookie recipe that I knew would take up our entire afternoon and probably drive me bonkers trying to make them with two small boys.  Doesn't every mother need to try out a crazy adventure at least once while the kids are small?  Our adventure turned out really well.  We all had fun and the cookies are the BEST.  Let me tell you.  You need to make these babies.  They are knock offs of the Girl Scout cookies Caramel De-lites, which are my absolute favorite.
  Click here to get the recipe.  For real- they are so good!

The boys helping me unwrap caramels.  Garrison has one in his cheek and yes, I only allowed them to have one caramel while they unwrapped.  I know, I'm such a mean mom- only one.  Garrison is wearing the same shirt as in the picture above, but we did both of the projects in one day.  


Ryla said...

Looks like they were having a great time! I am sure it was worth all the mess!! :)

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