Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today my heart is breaking.  Today I am looking at my boys in a totally different light.  Today I'm not thinking about my needs, wants, hopes and dreams.  Today the tears won't stop falling.  Today I'm lifting a little girl named Maggie up to the Lord.  Her little body struggled in the womb and now she is struggling in this world.  I ask you to please pray for this family and little Maggie.

Thomas and I have a connection to this family as they attended York the same time Thomas and I did.  My memory is failing me now, but I believe Stephen played soccer with Thomas.  Not that whether we know them or not makes a difference, but it shines a different light.  It touches a different heart string.  It tugs a little harder.

Today and this week please pray for this family as they will be saying good-bye to their first born, their daughter, their little baby.


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