Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our first week

I'm not sure how I'm finding the time to get on here and update everyone, but somehow here I am.Check Spelling
Josiah is doing great. We had to take him back to the birthing center on Sunday to test him for jaundice. I couldn't get him to wake up for his feedings and he was very limp most of the day. Thomas and I wanted to make sure everything was ok, so we took him in. After they tested him they found that he is in the normal range for jaundice. To get him to eat they sent us to a lactation nurse who worked with me so that Josiah would have a easier time nursing. It has been so much better since then. We're learning that Josiah would sleep all day and not eat if we let him. So I have to be intentional about getting him to eat. Somehow we have two very laid back boys.

When the lactation nurse weighed him, on Sunday, his weight was 8 lbs. We had an appointment with the aftercare department on Tuesday and we were going to be seeing the same lactation nurse as we did on Sunday. She wanted to see that Josiah had gained at least 2 ounces from Sunday to Tuesday. When we took him in on Tuesday he weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. He had gained 3 times what she wanted him to gain. Yeah! That was super exciting for me because I didn't want him to get dehydrated like Garrison did. Yeah! We are doing things right!

Other than that we are all trying to find time to sleep and get into a routine. I must say that I'm very thankful for a husband who has a job that is flexible. He was able to take 2 weeks off and has been an absolutely amazing help. I think without him I would have had a break down by now. He still goes to youth group, church and today he's going to be heading to soccer practice, but for the most part he's around all the time.

Garrison is loving Josiah. He wants to help get his diaper, push him in the swing and hold him. He loves giving him kisses and putting his head against Josiah's. There are moments that he doesn't care for Thomas and I, but that's understandable. It's an adjustment for everyone.


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