Thursday, August 20, 2009

a chore

Garrison has become a big helper when it comes to feeding Aza. It's actually something that he started on his own. We feed Aza three times a day and it never crossed our minds that Garrison could help until one day he picked up her dish, walked it to where we keep her food and started pointing and babbling for us to scoop some food. Now at least once a day Garrison feeds Aza, with our help of course. It's a nice little chore for him to do and Aza has become really good at waiting for him because some days he takes his sweet ol' time getting the food to her.

Here is a video of him feeding her. When we feed Aza we try to get her to stay until we say "okay", but since Garrison has not been able to say that word yet he says, "Aya" instead, which is something that he started on his own. It's so cute to hear him say "Aya". You'll hear it in this video.


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